Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Lists and a Little Theorymachine

Phill and I aren't playing much lately. I just started school, Phill's adjusting to a new job, and we're both pretty busy, trying to coordinate our schedules for the odd game in. Until then, I spend free time at work making lists. I thought I'd throw two of them up here and talk about them.

First, the themed army. Aside from an all Ogrun Legion army, nothing excites me fluffwise more than an all Gun Mage themed army. It isn't so much the awesomesauceness of the list or tactics that excite me, as much as the sheer cool factor of squeezing in as many GM units as I can into a list. So here it is:

50 points, MkII
Epic Caine
- Defender
Black 13th

Again, I put little thought into how I would play this many gun mages, but the fact that almost all of my infantry would have Gunfighter excites me. The lack of melee is a problem, but the Charger and the Defender aren't shabby in hand-to-hand. The biggest thing I worry about is frustrating Phill at how long my turns would take to measure ranges, but I'm sure he'd be stunned at how cool this force would look on the table. That being said, I have a long way to go to be able to play this without proxy. I'd need eCaine, the Hunter, 2 Sentinels, two units of Gun Mages, the UA, and the Black 13th. But this is my goal list.

The next one is actually playable for me, and has more tactics in mind in its design. I'll use it for my first 35 point battle with my newest caster, Darius. Spoiler Alert, Phill! Thanks to Clayton over at Adventures in Warmachine, I finally got to pick up the Doughboy for a great price. My latest purchase on Bartertown from Clayton also secured me a second Centurion, my first Ironclad (I now have the whole battlebox!), and a Squire. So here goes:

35 points

The main idea here is to get into Melee quickly and put the hurt out there. Full throttle will get my jacks up there quickly, the Lancer will allow me to cast arc Jack Hammer if they get extended past Darius' measly control area. The idea will be to run the Ironclad with a Centurion on either side in B2B. Upkeeping Fortify on the IC will allow him to Tremor and not knock down the Centurions. Giving focus to either Centurion to start a turn, and using what's left after spells to cast Jack Hammer on the IC after his *Attack will let me clean up quickly. Not much will be able to withstand 2 POW 18 Piston Spears and the odd Quake Hammer. To keep the infantry at bay, I'll keep the halfjacks nearby to repair Jacks or plant themselves in the ground and blow up. It's unfortunate that my "Jack caster" only has 6 focus, but with his ability to make his whole battlegroup rock makes up for it. I really look forward to the look on Phill's face when he leaves 1 damage box open on a Centurion and I wipe its damage clean with my Feat. Oh Happy Day!

I've been reluctant to pick Darius up till now, by the combination of his looks and the price, but now that I've played around with the possibilities a little, I know he and I are going to have a lot of fun together. I wish eNemo's feat overlapped with his spells. *shudder*

Oh Crap! I just rechecked Nemo's card, and it does! His feat doesn't say "in his battlegroup"! Man, Jacks and Beasts Never Rest never sounded so sweet.

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Clayton said...

Dude you are the man. Thank you for Grim. Now I have motivation to put my trolls together as I don't want to let what you bought me go to waste :P

Good job getting me motiviated.