Monday, September 21, 2009

MK II Instant Feedback, Thank you Privateer!!!

Well well, what a surprise that was!!! I can't believe Privateer made the MK II rules and stats available to the public! Man, that is so awesome! I want to thank the great company for doing that and will definitely be playing some MK II in the future. It goes a long way to show what a great company they are!

Overall, I'm really happy with the way things came out. Now we can all stop whining about Mage Hunter Assassins for crying out loud... Anyways, I'm just going to touch on some of my favorite models and I'll let Barrett create a new post for his.

*Amon - He lost Sandblast and gained Convection, IMO a major boost. His feat now lasts one round which is fantastic.

*Reznik - He lost Brand of Heresy but gained Ignite. IMO a great move to make him more versatile. I don't own a Redeemer and to me, it was kind of a boring tactic. Now he can take some good infantry and make them better.

*High Reclaimer - He pretty much stayed the same. Ritual Sacrifice was reduced to 1 focus and Soulstorm was reduced to 2". His going to be a grind it out caster but I look forward to using him.

*Guardian - Its my favorite warjack sculpt wise and the rules for him are better. It gained powerful charge and critical pitch is worded better. He'll be in my Reznik and Amon lists for sure.

*Vanquisher - 10" range on the Flame Belcher is most impressive. I'll be using this guy a lot.

* Avatar - To quote Podthrall Jim, "Disgusting". It gained reach and only went up one point. He's going to be the bane of a lot opponents.

*Bastions - The gained blessed on their weapons and are now FA:2. Great move for us Menites.

*Rhoven - Their point cost was reduced and they gained Blessed on their weapons and Set Defense. Rhoven's cleanse works on continuous effects and now has Negation, which removes 1 focus or fury.

I'm going to stop there and take a look at some more stuff but I'm most pleased with the way things came out. Barrett informed me that he was really pleased with Cygnar's stuff as well. I want to thank Privateer again for taking the time to listen to their player base and creating such fun and enjoyable game.

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Barrett said...

I think the worst part I've seen so far is Bastions FA:2. I hate it. I don't even have a multi-wound melee unit, and now you get to field two of them.