Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reznik MK II Style

After seeing Reznik's new rules, I'm really excited to use him again. He's probably my most experienced caster I've ever used and his spell list is great. I'm liking Iron Aggression and Ignite on him even more than Brand of Heresy and Hate Monger. While it was a great spell, I often whiffed my attack roll and Hate Monger normally only netted me 1 attack when I really needed at least 2. I'm digging the new Reznik, so much so, I painted the guy.

Here he is, the flash drowns out some of the detail. I really need to get a photo box or have my friend take the pictures. It looks a lot better in person.

He was really fun to paint but putting him together, I got lazy. His left arm where the hand attaches to the arm, was put together with green stuff. I got too much of it on the model and it covered up some detail. Somehow when I glued the head on, the glue went over the menofix and messed up some detail as well. It was one of those deals where I wanted to get him on the table and just play the model. Next time, I'll take my time and do it right.

None the less, I'm pleased with the model.


Barrett said...

Looks good, Phill. You've had this guy forever. I'm glad you're excited to play him again. This was all you played when I got into the game last summer.

Nice writing. What, you can't learn to write in Protectorate?

Barrett said...

PS. I never realized he was showing that much leg before! What would Menoth think?!?

bluecardinal said...

Thanks bro. He's going to be a lot of fun to play and having him painted makes it all the better. Do you remember how big his base was before? I'm glad it's toned down a little.

As far as the skin goes, I'm still waiting to see what Feora looks like without a helmet. It's the whole Menoth warcaster style, no one can see their whole face. Their might be a No Quarter with her in the Gavyn files but I'm not sure.

Once I get a Reckoner, you'll see these two a lot. :)