Sunday, September 13, 2009

Repenter Complete

A few weeks ago, Lost Hemisphere ran Repenter week. This inspired me to finish painting the one I had started a couple of months ago. I had originally painted this little fellow up in a less than stellar paint job. He was stripped of paint a while back and primed using Dupli Sandable primer, which is great and cheap.

Here was the first paint job I did and it really wasn't a complete paintjob but it was so bad, I didn't finish him.

This is the finished product and I must say, I like the model. Being one of the original Prime warjacks, he has a pretty cool look to him and I'm looking forward to using him in MK II.

The last model to paint in my "Before and After" session is my Revenger. He's already to be primed and then painted. I'm looking forward to having a complete battle box after and then I'm ready to strip and re-paint the Avatar.

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Barrett said...

Big improvement. Your painting skills are really getting better!