Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Basher

Privateer unveiled the new Rhulic warjack, Basher, for all of us to see. This little big guy is one unique and awesome jack. I'm in awe of the design aspect of it and it's coolness.

After seeing this new jack and all the new plastic ones, 2010 couldn't come soon enough. Bring on the new jacks and sculpts, next year is going to be fun.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A little to do list

It's been a while since either Barrett or I posted anything so I thought I'd end the dry run. I'm currently working on removing some paint from some older miniatures, namely TFG, Cleanser, and a few solos.

About two years ago, I commissioned someone to paint 6 Temple Flame Guards and a Castigator. While the paint job was excellent, it doesn't match my current scheme. You might ask, why not copy the same scheme as the TFG and Castigator? Well, it just so happens that I tried to but didn't get it right the first time and I prefer the scheme I have now.

This brings me to my to do list, I have a full unit of TFG ready to be primed and painted. This is going to be my biggest infantry unit I've painted in Warmachine. The TFG are a nice basic unit without so much detail so I'm looking forward to painting them. I've read that it helps to paint them in small batches of 3-4.

Before I paint my TFG, I'm going to try and speed paint my Revenger. I'm not the biggest fan of the model, light warjacks in general don't fancy me, and in MK II, arcnodes aren't that necessary. At least for me they're not.

After the Revenger and TFG, I have 8 Cleansers to paint and I'll most likely make it a full 10 when all is said and done. I'm hoping to have the majority of my eFeora list ready by MKII release. It's a daunting task to paint so many models so hopefully I can get it done.

Did I mention I want to get Bastions and Daughters as well, along with my three epic casters, solos, mercs...... Yeah you get the idea, it's going to be a fun fall and winter full of painting madness. This Saturday I'm starting my to do list and only time what all will get done. If I manage to paint 50% of it, I'll consider it a success.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going Epic in MK II

Recently, I was the recipient of a nice bartertown trade where I got epic Kreoss, Testament of Menoth, and Severius. This might not seem like much but I'm a big fan of the epic models and their rules. In the earlier edition of Warmachine, I didn't play epics at all. My main reason was I didn't have them and the second was they had to be played in 750 point games. Now that they can be played at any point level, that's gravy!

I was thinking about it on the way to work, how does epic Feora sound in a mangled metal game? Pretty good right? Not only does it change the meta on a lot of levels, the models normally look better. The Testament of Menoth is a killer sculpt and I can't wait to paint the guy. Epic Severius is also really nice and I even like epic Kreoss. The one I'm waiting to see is epic Harbinger. It's going to be hard to top the original Harbinger but I think Privateer can pull it off.

The only problem with epics is getting use to their rules and abilities. It's one that I won't mind having to due and it by doing so, it should create some good games.