Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Return Thanks, and My Goal

A quick return thanks to Clayton for such great deals over on Bartertown. His whole army, the one he threw into my original order of Darius, Ironclad, Centurion (#2), and a Squire, ended up being a Max unit of Trenchers, UA, Grenade Porter, Chain Gun, Finn, Max Longgunners, a Lancer, and Nemo, Haley, and both poses of Stryker. I was really blown away by this "special bonus" as Clayton called it. Grim Angus was the least I could do.

The new acquisitions got me thinking about what my entire force would look like now, if I set them all up. I quickly sketched the whole thing out in Paint, while I was bored at work last week. Here is what I've got:

Starting from left to right, top to bottom:
Min unit of Stormlances
Max units of Longgunners (x2)
Max unit of Trenchers
Grenade Porter
Chain Gun

(behind the casters)
- Defender
- Charger
- Charger

Stormsmiths x3
Female GMCA


Over on the far right, I have my mercs, consisting right now of Gorten's Battlegroup and the Alt Eiryss.

In all, by FA, this totals 2384 points MkI. In MkII, it is a slightly less impressive 142 points. My goal for September (which is rapidly coming to an end) is to strip, base, and primer my entire army. At the end of the month, I hope to be able to set the whole army out on a table and take a real picture, just to get an idea of the amount of metal I'm playing with now, after 1 year.

Thanks Clayton and Phill. This whole army is due to the two of you!


Clayton said...

Your welcome. My only issue is I have no idea what to DO with Grim! I have no idea how to play him or what units should be fielded or anything :P

I mean I could just throw together 500 points and GO but I am not sure if thats the smartest thing to do :P I promise you this though: He will be used, and he will be put together by Sunday Night.

bluecardinal said...

That's one impressive army you have and it'll be nice once you have it fully assembled. I'm glad I could sell my portion to you as I would've never had the time to assemble it, let alone play it.

Better yet, I have a regular opponent now.

Did your alt Eiryss ever come in?

Barrett said...

Clayton: Figuring out Grim is all up to you. I just thought he looked cool, and I like shooty. I still haven't figured out the Fury mechanic.

Phill: Alt Eiryss still hasn't come. I yelled (typed really hard) at Adam the other day, since I've pursued this for months, and told him he can't do his job. He said he'd ship it. We'll see if I get it this weekend.

Clayton said...

Barrett - What is this about some Alt Eiryss? Having issues getting something handled with another Bartertown Member?

Barrett said...

Nah, just a long ordeal with PP customer service.