Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Brew Terrain

I don't know about you guys but have you seen the price of terrain lately? I went into my LGS and they had these nice little sandbags for sale and they cost 20 bucks! Don't get me wrong, I like nice looking terrain and have thought about buying some but I'll stick to the home made walls and stuff. It's a little more affordable for us gaming geeks.

Then again, they're running a 20% everything in the store sale this Saturday so I might be picking up some to go on my desert terrain board. If anyone knows how to make sand bag walls, let me know.

Here's a nice ( I like to think it's nice ) blue wall I made. The concept was taken from No Quarter #16. If you don't have that issue, I highly recommend it for building good, cheap terrain.

Instead of using the pink insulation foam, I used two pieces of cork board and fitted them in a foamcore base. After that, I added some kitty litter to the front and then primed it black. The stone is Vallejo Sombre Grey. I currently only have two of these pieces as my terrain making goes in waves.

My next project is to finish two fairly large hills/cliffs to make a nice sand stone ravine. These should be finished in month or two, I'm thinking after I finish my Crusader.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Escalating to a 35 PC Game

We sat down Tuesday night to continue our MK II escalation campaign and raised the encounter level to 35 points. I would say that this would be the close equivalent to a 500 point game in the old point level and it allowed us to add a couple new models to our respective armies.

bluecardinal's army

High Reclaimer

TFG maximum w/ UA
Rhoven & Honor Guard
Deliverers for Cleansers

CptCalvinus' army

Journeyman WC
*Hunter - played by a Talon
Squire - played by Nemo
Long Gunners decreased to a minimal unit
GMCA x 2 - one played by Caine
Stormsmiths x3

Unfortunately, we didn't take notes so this battle report won't be as descriptive as past ones. CptCalvinus wins the opening roll and decides to go second. Here is the current lay of the land with my Avatar on the right flank with the Paladin right next to him.

Round 1

Avatar gets 3 focus, activates Menoth's gaze and runs, the Paladin follows suit. One focus to the Crusader and he runs up. Everyone else runs up and then the HR decides to smoke it up....

CptCalvinus gives snipe to one of the GMCA, casts blur on the Centurion, Centurion and Lancer run up. The Hunter gets one focus from Jr. and takes a pop shot at the Avatar doing 4 damage to the right arm. Jr. puts arcane shield on Stryker and the stormsmiths advance looking to triangulate some peeps.

Round 2

For some reason or another, my TFG extend out of the HR's control area so the smoke only conceals them and doesn't block LOS. Deliverers, Crusader, and Rhoven move up. The HR moves up and throws some smoke. The Avatar gets 2 focus, activates Menoth's Gaze and runs close to the Centurion. The Paladin goes into Stone and Mortar stance behind the Avatar.

The El' Capitan upkeeps arcane shield, blur, and snipe. One GMCA takes Gorman to one health while one Stormsmith finishes the deal. A second Stormsmith disrupts the Crusader, the Hunter and Jr take some pop shots at the Avatar, doing more damage and the Centurion puts a serious dent in him. A flanking Stormsmith tries to run away but we remember Menoth's gaze and he fails to damage the Paladin with storm call. The Long Gunners stay put, forfeiting their movement to cancel out the concealed TFG. This wasn't good and they took out 5 TFG in the smoke. The Lancer moved up and Stryker started worrying that his little army of puny men would be crushed, so he feated. (awful joke I know)

Round 3

The remaining TFG charge the Lancer and do a little damage. Avatar rolls 2 for focus... sigh and does little damage to the Centurion but uses one focus for Menoth's gaze. I didn't want his GMCA flanking my HR. Rhoven and his two honor guards charge the Centurion and scratch his paint, better yet, they buffed his paint job and stared wonderfully at it. The HR gets 5 extra focus from the TFG getting picked a part and moves up to cast some spells. I miss the journeyman on 5 dice and I don't think it would've mattered. Some more smoke rolls into the playing mix and I think I have the Hunter's LOS blocked by smoke..... Deliverers move up and take out the one Stormsmith flanking my right with a Rocket Volley. The Paladin charges the Stormsmith on my right flank and does a bit of overkill. The Crusader walks up a bit, pondering the little things in life.

He upkeeps Arcane Shield, gives 3 focus to the Centurion and starts to decimate my army. The GMCA puts some damage on Rhoven's Honorguard, the Hunter is sitting in the smoke, so he has LOS to the Avatar. A big doh! on my part. He puts some really good damage on him and the Avatar is left with 4 boxes. The Centurion takes out Rhoven and his two Honor Guard and with his remaining focus, destroys the Avatar. The GMCA on my right takes out the Paladin and the other one shoots at the Crusader, doing minimal damage. I'm not sure what the Long Gunners did at this point. The remaining Stormsmith fails his skill check so no disrupting my Crusader. Stryker moves up and casts Arcane Blast on some TFG but misses... The Lancer misses his attacks on the TFG.

Round 4

HR gets 3 extra focus and things are looking pretty bleak for me but I try to rally my troops, unfortuantely, the HR doesn't know how to do that... The Crusader gets 3 focus and charges the Centurion, doing some ok damage and boxing the left arm. The Hierophant moves up and uses Harmonious Exhaltation and the HR moves up, casts Ashes to Ashes on the Journey again, boosted the hit roll, and missed again. The last focus is used to put a smoke right in front of him, something totally desperate but kind of funny in a ninja way. He then uses his feat and brings back 4 TFG, including the Officer, and they do some pretty decent damage to the Lancer. Deliverers move up and take out 3 Long Gunners and they pass the command check. HR prepares for the worst.

He doesn't upkeep anything and gives 2 or 3 on the Centurion. The Centurion beats down on the Crusader but doesn't box it. The one GMCA puts some good damage on the HR, the Journeyman charges the HR, passes his command check, and puts some good damage on the HR, leaving him with 2 life left. Stryker moves up and shoots the Crusader and disrupts it, casts arcane blast on the HR and missed...The Lancer didn't do anything because he didn't want to give me any souls. Smart move on his part.

Round 5

There's no soul tokens so I'm stuck with 5 focus and the Crusader is disrupted. What to do, what to do. The TFG disengage from the Lancer and try to walk over to Stryker for the CMA, ranked attack. All of them die save for the Officer and Standard Bearer. Oddly enough, the Officer hits with his attack and sets Stryker on fire but didn't do any damage. The Hierophant decides to charge the Journeyman, its a good joke I know, he whiffs. I cast immolation on the Journeyman, boosted to hit and got the hit. It was dice -2 and I couldn't afford to boost damage so it was only two dice. Thankfully, I got enough damage to box the Journyman. I measured my control area and Stryker was in range for a charge, even over the wreck marker. I'm not sure if CptCalvinus saw this one coming but it was my only shot. HR charges and needs a 10 to hit and rolls a 5, 3, and 2. He hits and Stryker takes 12 damage. I roll for one last attack and miss the attack roll.

It's his turn and I'm hoping badly that fire doesn't go out. This was the only way I was going to win it by seeing Stryker go down in flames. He rolls the dice and looky there, a 2. He wants Stryker to end the game, and I can't blame him. Stryker, for one reason or another, hasn't performed up to his task for him. He boosts his first attack, hits, and seals the deal. Finally a win for Stryker.

Post Game Analysis

I for one, am lacking a arc node and it really hurt in this game. I thought I could get a way with it but in the end, it was my downfall. His solos really shined for him and with me not being able to get to them, put me in a bad spot.

The Avatar is really good in MK II. There was no real support piece for him and he was still able to survie a couple of rounds of heavy fire and hitting. I'm thinking a vassal can follow him around and that extra attack would pay off. I was able to pull some focus off the wracks (didn't mention it in the report) but they ended up getting in the way. The Deliverers were a lot more accurate and I'll have to get them on the front line right away next time.

For CptCalvinus, he had a well balanced army. The solos alone, were enough to cause my army some serious problems. It wasn't reported at all, but he was able to use the Squire's reserve accumulator all 3 times. Both GMCAs excelled and I wonder if we'll see a new sculpt down the line? The Hunter didn't move the whole game but was able to wreck havock on my Avatar. Stryker's feat is still really fun to deal with. :)

Until next time....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Crusader Redo

With my Hierophant painted, Reznik now stands as my last warcaster to paint. I only have four of them(Reznik, Amon, High Reclaimer, and Kreoss) and I'm taking a break from Reznik to redo my original battlebox warjacks. The format is going to be "Before and After". Basically, it'll be a chance to show some improvements of my painting skills. I don't consider myself a great painter by any means, more so, this is a chance to encourage people to keep at it. The difference in a couple of years is pretty amazing.

The Crusader is first up on the chopping block and it's a good time to experiment with new painting techniques. Seeing how this model was purchased some two years ago, I won't be upset if things go badly. I'll be giving him a battle worn look and possibly entering him in the most recent No Quarter painting challenge. There's a nice article on how to use "Chalks Washes and Oil Paints" from Quixotic's blog, and I plan on trying out the oil paints for a good weathering effect.

Here is the current state of my Crusader.

As you can see, it really doesn't match my current scheme, save the same gory red being used. The big difference is the model was primed with white and I found out quickly, I can't paint white very well.

By weeks end, I should have the model stripped, primed, and ready to paint.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mr. Details

I just finished my Hierophant a couple of nights ago and the little bugger has a lot of detail. So much so, I'm going to hold off on painting Rhoven and his boys. This guy took longer to paint then some of my warjacks if you can believe it. His base got some red paint on it and my touch up work was a little sloppy. This was my first attempt at wet blending as well and it was a little tricky at first, but not too bad.

The photos are a little dark because I took them just before sunset. You can see my beloved white cat in the background. There's nothing like a deaf white wonder...

My painting vow has now changed, I'm going to strip my Crusader, Repenter, and Revenger. Then I'm going to paint my Crusader. I'm tempted to enter the No Quarter challenge for battle damage as I have some ideas on how to make him look battle worn.

C & C welcome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stryker's thoughts......

"It was a rough place - the seediest dive on the wharf. Populated with every reject and cutthroat from Bombay to Calcutta. It's worse than Detroit."

Airplane anyone???

On a different note, CptCalvinus and I sat down this past Friday for our first MK II battle. We were anxiously awaiting the new rules and eager to get our first game in. Our original plan of playing a campaign in the old set of rules and then the new set, has faded quickly. I don't even think we'll ever go back to MK I.

With that said, here's our first 25 point battle using MK II. I swapped out Ruphert and put in a Paladin for a little more hard hitting power. CptCalvinus maxed his Long Gunners out and added in 3 stormsmiths.

High Reclaimer
TFG maximum w/ UA
Cleansers minimum unit
Rhoven & Honor Guard

Long Gunners maximum
Stormsmiths x 3

CptCalvinus won the opening roll and decided to go first. Here's the deployment of both our forces.

Round 1

Stryker gives 1 focus to the Lancer and Centurion and they both run. He puts Arcane Shield on himself and casts Snipe on the GMCA. The Long Gunners and Stormsmiths run up, along with the GMCA

HR gives one focus to the Crusader and it runs up. TFG, Cleansers, and Rhoven run. Paladin advances and goes into Stone & Mortar. I should have run with the Paladin but I was a little worried he would get shot down pretty quick. Gorman moves up, throws some smoke. The HR moves up and throws even more smoke.

Round 2

He upkeeps snipe and Arcane Shield, two Stormsmiths take out two TFG, while the third puts damage on Guis. Stryker advances and casts Arcane Blast on the TFG Officer (I still want to call this guy the Preceptor) but misses. It deviates and does nothing, then shoots the TFG Officer. I put the Officer up front thinking he didn't have any wounds because it looked like the Standard bearer had a grid on the statcard, plus, I thought the unit kept ranked attacked and fire but I was wrong. Whoops! GMCA Shoots at Gorman and does 4 damage. LG move up and take out 2 Cleansers. HR gets a good 5 soul tokens.

Cleansers advance and spray 1 LG, killing him. TFG charge the Lancer and w/out ranked attack do 1 damage to him. Rhoven gives the run order and the two honor guards run to engage the GMCA. I could've charged him but I'm not sure if the unit leader has to have LOS to the target or if he just gives the charge order and then the guys charge. Gorman moves up and throws some more smoke. The HR moves up and casts A2A on the Centurion, takes out 2 Stormsmith, and puts 2 damage on Stryker

Round 3

He upkeeps Arcane Shield while dropping snipe. 2 focus to the Lancer and 3 to the Centurion. The Lancer decides to trample some TFG, we didn't realize that only heavies could trample but now we do. The Lancer takes out 4 TFG, misses the Paladin, and fails his extra attack on the Hierophant. Rhoven passes the command check for the TFG. Stormsmith takes out another TFG. The Centurion hits the Crusader with his shield, crits with his spear, and takes out or should I say, system failures the left arm and movement on the Crusader. GMCA moves out of melee with the Honor guard and dies to free strikes. Long Gunners stand still and take out Guiss and Cassian, and 5 Cleansers. Cleansers make their command check from Rhoven. Stryker retreats and shoots the Crusader, disrupting it.

HR has 11 focus for himself, Gorman advances and throws black oil on Stryker and it deviates on top of him and a Long Gunner. HR Feats and brings back 3 TFG, the Preceptor (Captain), and Guiss and Cassian. The HR moves out of melee with the Lancer and the free strike does nothing to him and misses the Hierophant. I cast 3 immolations on Stryker doing no damage, 3, and then 9. Rhoven gives the charge order and Guiss and Cassian make short work of Stryker.

CptCalvinus' thoughts

Had a lot of fun in this game. Stryker is tougher with his MAT increase, so he can get into melee with less fear. I made use of the Trample rules with the Lancer and managed to take out 4 TFG. New snipe allowed me to cast it and AS and still give each jack 1 focus to run in the first turn, so that was a plus. Spreading out the LGs in the new formation rules allows them to live longer, especially against Cleansers and Deliverers. I'm actually glad the Centurion's Polarity Field is a *action now. It makes me think about using it, especially whether it is worth it to forfeit my initial attacks to use it and buy additional melee attacks afterwards. In retrospect, I should have done this in the top of Round 3, since I was charged by the Paladin and a fully rejuvenated TFG Unit after HR's feat. He was still left standing though. We didn't have any terrain that could qualify as cover, so we didn't need to make any use of the new LOS rules. We got the updates just before the game began, but glancing through them, we felt that they made more sense. I was personally glad the moving in formation rule was vetoed.

Bluecardinal's thoughts

My original plan was to use the HR's new feat to good use. It can really catch the opponent off guard because there's a lot of different angles that one can come in from, plus they activate normally. The new formation rules help this out a lot and I hope to use in great effect. In fact, that's specifically why Rhoven and his Honor guard were in the list. You have to keep one of them alive but you can bring them back, behind enemy lines for a great charge. I'll have to double check the charge rules because I'm not sure if the leader of the unit has to have LOS to the target or if it's just a order and they charge whoever. These guys are getting a lot of tough love on the PP forums but they're going to be a auto include for my HR lists.

Another thing is the HR's spell list. It stayed the same for the most part but he lost soulstorm becoming an inherent ability. I like this but it doesn't help if he plans to go on the offensive. The only way to get it back is to goad my opponent into taking a free strike against some grunt. His sacrificial lamb spell, in my opinion, needs to be reduced to one focus. The crusader is a great choice for him because its a cheap, beatstick heavy. I'll normally cast A2A on him and with the Hierophant's "spiritual conduit" effect, it lets this become a 10" spell. Plus, he can always measure his control area to see if the Crusader is in range.

Wracks are really great but I found they got in the way of all the troops on the battlefield. Call me crazy, but I'm not sure if I'm going to bring them in the next game. Speaking of which, the next game is going to be a 35 points. I'm going to be adding one model and replacing one unit with another. Can you guess what it'll be? :-)

I'm planning on getting a Reckoner to go with Reznik/Amon and then it's going to be a second Crusader. For 6 points, it's really a bargain, then maybe a Dervish.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Upon Further Review

Yes, I'm guilty of being a little bitter about the new MK II model rules and have groaned and griped a little. I've also expressed my discontent for a couple models in particular but lets take a look at the big picture. I got into this game because of the cool warjacks and now they're back and I'm complaining??? Seems kind of wrong doesn't it? Long story short, I'm really starting to get into the new rules and thinking of cool strategies to use with certain models. Heck, I might even pick up another Crusader. I can only imagine 2 or 3 of them in a Amon army now.

With that said, I'm anxious to start play testing. CptCalvinus and I, are going to be playing our first game tonight and I'm looking forward to it. The one thing that I'm not looking forward to is.... my wallet burning up due to all the new jack purchases.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MkII Initial Reaction - Cygnar

Cpt Calvinus Mk II here. :)

Wow, where to begin! There really are so many changes. It's like it is a whole new game. I'll talk about some of my favorite spells and models under MkI and how they're different.

Before, it was 1" of Snipe for 1 Foc spent. This was great, but I only typically cast Snipe once in the game and upkept it. Nothing like a GMCA or the Black 13th with 6" inches (7" with the Squire!). Now, Snipe is strictly 4", but it only costs 2 Foc. At first, I was bummed out. Now, I really love this! Sure, I'll miss the extra 3", but now I won't feel like I'm wasting Foc to recast this midgame. Before, I'd rarely get a chance to have 6 Foc to give someone the full 6". Now, I could technically upkeep Snipe on the GMCA, take his shot. activate Stryker and cast Snipe on the Longgunners and take their shot. All this for only 3 Foc. Then, the next turn, I could reverse it! I like this change.

He lost two of his Effects, but they are the two effects I mentioned in the last game report that I never used. His Long Shot is only 4" (like Snipe), so with the two together, he only has a max range of 20". I don't like that, but it's fair. He is no longer a Commander, but I never used him for that anyways. Two things are disappointing. Under Flash Fire in MkI, it stated that he also ignores obstructions. It doesn't say that anymore. Also, I would have liked his Magelock Pistol to get an upgrade to POW 11. That one point would have made him a lot more effective, IMO. Here's the best part though... He is now FA 2! Sweet! He's my favorite model, both aesthetically and playwise, and now I get two. I really hope they come out with an Alt pose.

Finally MAT 7! Also, Blur guards against Magic attacks, Arcane Shield is RNG 6 (not 8) and it looks like Earthquake has to hit everything in its AOE for it to KD. That is unfortunate. Additionally, his Feat is an Aura now, instead of a Pulse. I would've liked him to get more abilities. I don't understand why the central character of the WM story still only has Disruption and a POW 10 Pistol. But the MAT increase outweighs all the negatives.

The first thing that stood out to me was Scramble. This spell has been entirely revamped. Under MkI, the warjack activated during the controller's next Cont Phase, ran and then ended its activation. If it came in contact with an obstruction or a Jack (of any size), it was KD. Now, it activates immediately and walks. Since it activates during my turn, it doesn't forfeit its activation. At first I thought the spell was ruined, until I further analyzed the possibilities. Before, the jack would KD any small based warrior model it moved completely through. Now, it knocks down any smaller based model it contacts. Also, instead of being KD by any warjack it runs into, it is KD by any model with an equal or larger base. The problem before (problem? what problem?) was that Darius' halfjacks could "trip" a Heavy. That was great. Now, however, it either trips or is tripped by everything on the board. This will be great against armies of medium based warrior models, such as Trolls and Khador. Sure, a medium can't knock down a heavy, but something is getting knocked down. And - drumroll please - since it occurs in my own activation now, I can KD a whole unit and shoot the crap out of them! I love the new Scramble!

One other thing of significance on Haley is that both TB and her Feat are now Auras. TB got a little nerf (less 1 Foc, doesn't halve movement, and is only -2 Def), but at least I won't feel like I'm spamming a broken spell.

The biggest thing on the THead is that he lost his Chain Attack - Scramble. This was a lot of fun to do. One game against Khador, I'd Scramble one jack, it'd run, and I'd charge after it and scramble it again. Fun for me, but probably not fair. In return, the THead received a +1 Mat and a +1 P+S on his fists. His energy pulse lost 2" of effectiveness, but I only have to roll 1 attack roll. That could be good and bad. If I roll a two, it works against everything, but so would a 12. But now, I only have to boost 1 roll. Also, as someone on the forums pointed out, the wording on its Sustained attack is such that the hit caused by Energy Pulse causes the 2 subsequent hits that can be made to auto-hit as well. I wish they would've made this an attack that could be done in melee as well, but that would probably be broken. The loss of 2" on this might get me to bring him into Melee faster in MkII. Oh yeah, he's still expensive. He costs 12 points now. With 4 Heavies at 9 pts, and 1 each at 7 and 8, it's really hard to justify now.

This is probably too much for now. I did a deeper study of nHaley and eHaley and came up with a full page of differences and possibilities. General thoughts: 1) I'm not too keen on the icons yet. I thought they were supposed to make the cards easier to read, but now I have to memorize tiny icons. 2) Phill pointed out that you only have a choice of taking a minimum unit or a maximum unit. I don't like this either. I didn't do it often, but I liked the possibility of taking 7 or 8 longgunners. 3) I don't like that Epic casters aren't restricted to larger games anymore. I don't think that is right, either fluff wise or for game play. As someone said on the Forums, if there isn't a point value for casters and I can take eIrusk at a 15 point game, why would I ever play nIrusk. I think the same could be said for me with eStryker. I hope we can get them to change these last two.

Monday, April 6, 2009

MK II Initial Reaction - Menoth

Hmmmm.... Well its here and I must say that I'm a bit suprised at the point level of things but I won't go into that too much. Overall, I love the new rules for warjacks and their systems. It seems like they're going to have a much bigger presence in this ruleset. With that said, I'm going to look at some of my favorite things from Menoth.

First up the High Reclaimer

I first looked at the High Reclaimer and thought he pretty muched stayed the same. His weapon got reach and they revamped his feat and it appears the troopers can activate normally during the turn.

Things I didn't care about for the HR, Sacrifical Lamb costing two points. With the HR being a infantry heavy caster, it seemed right to keep this at 1 focus. His WJ points could've been bumped a little.

Second up, The Guardian

Wel well, this one was a tough one to take. First off, the good. He keeps critical pitch but it now deviates since its a throw and not double handed throw. His full damage grid is still in tact, which is great. Also, his open hand's pow is increased by 3.

Now the bad, he no longer rallies troops with his banners. This isn't all that bad but it was nice when my Cleansers started blowing up. Critical pitch deviates now.... I'm so sad on this one, I know I put it in the plus category but this was a favorite of mine. Being able to throw things and not have them deviate was great. The last thing he lost is Ward of Retribution. Granted, I didn't use this one much but it did come in handy. Hopefully it was just a typo and they forgot to include it. He's also 9 points in the new MK II rules and only time will tell if this is a big deal.

Third Up, The Choir

With jacks getting a boost it only made sense that they would lose some of their abilities. Unfortunately, the range of their chants is now limited to 3" but their speed got a increase. Each member can effect one warjack and it's going to change the way you played them before. Coincedentaly, you don't have to worry about losing your priest and the whole unit becoming fodder.

Fourth Up, Rhoven and his Bodyguards

Uh....I don't know what to say. The two bodyguards lost their health a little, no more huge armor buff for the whole unit being in B2B with each other but everyone gets one more point of armor. Battle Driven seems a bit strange, I think they'll die if they get damage and won't really benifit too much from this but only time will tell.


These guys are fearless and Rhoven's command got bumped up 1 and his MAT bumped up two. I'm thinking of using the two Honor Guards with other units. With the ability to be 10" away and still in formation, this allows for some interesting possibilities.

That's my initial thoughts and I'll have to take a look back after all the smoke has cleared.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

350 Escalation Campaign, Remix Style

Last night, CptCalvinus and I started off our Remix escalation campaign. The rules were pretty simple, caster kill and try to use models we only have or keep proxying to a minimum. The second rule will go away quickly as we move to higher point values and proxying will become a necessity for both of us.

I choose the High Reclaimer over Amon Ad-Raza simply because I have more models that play better with the High Reclaimer. With Amon, I usually run a Revenger, Devout, and possibly Castigator or Guardian. I'm not saying these are bad options but I only own one Devout and not multiples that people usually run him with. With Bastions on the way, I can focus on a troop heavy build with the HR but I'm definitely going to put some jacks in list.

With that said, here's our first game under the current rules.

bluecardinal's 350

High Reclaimer 347/350 VPs: 15
Cleansers x 6
Temple Flameguard x8 with UA
Visgoth Rhoven and his Bodyguard
Gorman di Wulfe
Ruphert, Piper of Menoth

CptCalvinus here. My list was very basic since this is an escalation campaign and I don't own many models. At 500, I'll begin to proxy. I chose Stryker for the campaign because I have had zero success with him. He's got one win on his record, but that was only because I was playing someone who was inexperienced. I've never beaten Phill's Menoth with Stryker, which is odd, since he typically has a good reputation among Cygnar. So I figure the problem is in my tactics. That, and the fact that I like Stryker's Epic form, made me choose to run a Stryker force opposed to the other three casters I run.

CptCalvinus' 350

Commander Coleman Stryker 349/350 VPs: 13
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Long Gunners x 6

CptCalvinus wins the opening roll and decides to go first. Instead of typing out where we put our units, here is a nice picture to show you. Terrain setup is a shallow pond, two walls in the middle, a house on Cygnar's side and a barn on Menoth's side. There's a funky looking orange plant in the middle as well. The GMCA is on the other side of the house.

Round One

He goes first and puts 6" snipe on the Long Gunners, moves up both jacks and runs the GMCA. My turn, TFG move up and goes into shield wall, Cleansers move up, Rhoven & Bodyguard run to keep up with the TFG. Gorman advances and pops a smoke and HR moves up and puts down some smoke as well, pretty much covering my whole front line except for some guys on my right.

Round Two

He decides not to upkeep snipe on the Long Gunners, gives one focus to the Lancer, GMCA picks off a TFG, Lancer runs towards the GMCA, and Stryker gives him 5" snipe. My turn, everyone advances, Gorman throws smoke, Ruphert sings Dirge of Mists for the Cleansers. HR drops smoke in front of the TFG but not the Cleansers.

Round Three

The GMCA moves back some and tries to pick off the Hierophant with flash fire, hits him but fails to do any damage thanks to the extra focus the HR has on him. The Lancer moves back towards the middle and Stryker casts earthquake on the Cleansers, knocking them all down along with Gorman. Long Gunners move up and take out all of the Cleansers.

HR gains six soul tokens, Ruphert sings March on the TFG giving them an extra attack, the TFG charge the Lancer and do considerable damage on him, taking out his spear and arcnode. The standard bearer uses his minifeat. Rhoven and company run up to within a couple of inches of the GMCA and the HR casts Ashes to Ashes on Guiss or Cassian with help from the Hierophant, I rolled 2 for the extra models and boosted the damage on the GMCA to take him out. HR throws smoke on his left side to protect him from the Long Gunners.

Round Four

He gives three focus to the Centurion, Centurion decides to trample through the TFG to get within melee distance of the HR. Centurion takes out 1 TFG and barely takes any damage from the free strikes. He buys another attack and boosts the attack roll, the HR is sitting on three focus and its dice +1 on damage. Odd enoughly, he rolls 3-threes on his attack roll and if he only had used Nemo, the HR would've been dust. He rolls a nine on damage and the HR takes ten damage. Stryker moves toward his Long Gunners and casts arcane shield on himself and pops his feat.

Gorman, who just avoided getting trampled, throws some black oil on the Centurion. I now decide its time to use the HR feat but before that, the HR puts a smoke cloud on the Centurion, dropping his mat to -1. I roll a 6 for bringing back troops and put 4 Cleansers in front of his Long Gunners and Stryker. HR moves out of melee with the Centurion and he rolls for his free strike, needing a twelve to hit. The first dice rolled is a 6 and I almost lost it, thankfully the second one was a 3. HR casts immolation into the back arc of one of the Cleanser and kills all but 2 Long Gunners with the explosion. They fail their command check and turn to head for the hills. At least they're not on fire. :) Stryker is set on fire and the TFG move up and hit him with a CMA, no damage but setting him on fire, again.

Round Five

At this point, I almost thought CptCalvinus would concede the match but low and behold, he almost pulled it off. Fire ends up staying on Stryker but doesn't do any damage thanks to Arcane Shield. He moves Stryker out of melee with the TFG and with all 6 focus, the TFG fail to hurt him with their free strikes. I'm not sure if I'm able to CMA with free strikes so I'll have to look that up.

With Stryker free from the TFG, he casted arcane blast on the HR and successfully hit him without boosting. At this point, I don't think the HR was camping that much focus, maybe 2 or 3 at the most. He opted not to boost damage and did about 5 damage to the HR. He then casted arcane blast again and ended up missing. In looking back, I think if he would've boosted damage on the first try, he would've won. This left Stryker without any focus and out in the middle, ready to be charged by the TFG.

My turn, the TFG get march again from Ruphert and charge Stryker with two CMAs to dish out. He ends up biting the bullet to the TFG and all around it was a good game.

bluecardinal's thoughts

I really like my list and if I'm not facing a lot of high armor, I think I can do ok. My models out numbered him by 2-1 and with the HR 's burning ash spell, my army was rather unscathed in the end. I'm going to be adding a favorite jack of mine to my 500 list and possibly another support solo. Rhoven and company did very little in the game besides being a deterrent. Gorman was pretty much a life saver in the end, and I can't underestimate black oil. The Hierophant goes very well with the HR and can keep up with him just fine. It's also nice that he can benefit from the extra focus the HR can get during a round.

CptCalvinus' thoughts

I had the advantage of knowing Phill was bringing a infantry force before I made my list, but I still brought the Centurion. If I were to proxy, I probably would have swapped in a THead or Ol' Rowdy, or perhaps a plain Ironclad. But the Centurion came in handy on the second to last turn when he trampled through the squad of TFG for a shot at the High Reclaimer. Trample is a tactic neither of us have used before, but it was pretty handy, especially since it was Stryker's Feat turn and its armor was 26. The LGs were largely ineffective due to the HRs clouds. I can see why playing against a Trencher is so frustrating. The GMCA was great, and it was the first time I've really made use of his Flash Fire tactic. I threw five inches of Snipe on him. He is typically my Warpriest killer, but since Phill didn't have a choir, I had so many targets to choose from! I should have focused on taking out Phill's solos with him instead of trying to shoot the HR. Next time, Gorman, the Piper, and the Heirophant are primary targets.

For my next build, I'm going to see about filling in my anti-infantry support. As bluecardinal said, he outnumbered me 2-1 and it showed in how mobile his army was compared to mine. I'll likely be adding a unit of melee troops and consider maxing out the LGs. Between the Lancer and Centurion, I should be able to handle any jacks Menoth might throw at me.

Overall, it was a good game. It got very intricate towards the end, requiring some tough decisions, which is always enjoyable. These kinds of games are why I enjoy this hobby.

Remix and MK II Escalation Campaign

It turns out that CptCalvinus and I, are changing up the format to our escalation campaign. We were originally going to play two games at the varying point levels, with one under the Prime:Remix rules and the other under MK II rules.

Now we're going to play our first campaign under Prime:Remix and then our second campaign under the MK II rules. Our lists will remain the same, save for any extra jack or jacks that will be available with the new free points in MK II.