Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MkII Feedback, Mercs

I'm going to give a quick rundown of the few mercs I'm interested in. I won't be touching the Searforge Mercs, since I'll probably have to do that in a separate post. I'm merely interested in the mercs that would work for Cygnar.

But first, pMagnus. Holy Crap! His focus efficiency is insane, and how dare he steal Snipe from me. I don't care if he thinks he is the True Cygnaran. Snipe is mine!

Reinholdt is the same. Eiryss lost Magical on her crossbow (dang you Choir). The Bokur gained Shield Guard, taking an auto-hit from ranged instead of its client.

Aiyanna & Holt each lost 1 ARM and Holt lost Crack Shot. Alexia Ciannor looks like an entirely different unit. I'm definitely picking her up now. This tipped me over the edge. She got a MAT and RAT increase, a hand cannon, Arcane Disjunction (enemy models pay double to cast/upkeep. Take that Menoth!), she starts with 9 Risen in play (instead of 6), and her magic abilities are completely changed. Her Risen got a SPD, STR, and MAT boost. The Thrall Warrior got a SPD boost.


Clayton said...

Why a seperate post for Seaforge?

Barrett said...

Because my current (unofficial) 2nd faction is Searforge. Basically, it means that I have Gorten's Battlegroup. I used to have Magnus, but traded to Phill, since Magnus can work for Menoth.

I actually really like the Searforge stuff. I think they have two of the coolest looking WM infantry units, and LOVE Brun and Lug. I can't wait till they get their MkII rules!

Clayton said...

Well you wanted to know what the other faction I was considering was, and hilariously its Seaforge :P

I love me some stunties ;)

Barrett said...

Definitely. I love the Forge Guard. Power Armored Dwarves? Yes Please.

Barrett said...

PS. Mercs aren't a faction. ;p

Clayton said...

Pff They are totally a faction.

I mean come on, they had their own battle box!

bluecardinal said...

Magnus is definitely going to be my second caster in higher point level games. His spell list is insane and he upkeeps for free.

I'm thinking of what I can give snipe to??? Hmm, I'm thinking a Mule would be a mighty fine addition. He can forfeit his movement for 4 more inches and another 4 with snipe. How does a 16", arcing fire gun, with critical devestation sound?

I'm loving me some MK II. If you dont mind, I might have to borrow some Long Gunners or Trenchers from you.