Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Demo Game Board Done!

I'm finally finished the demo game board and it's nice to see the finished product. I added more flock to the sides of the road and then washed it with GW Sepia. It could probably stand a little more of the wash on the road but I'm happy with it now. Small rocks were added to the bigger rocks to give a little more authentic look and a few shrubs were added as well.

The sides of felt were stapled to the wood and the excess was cut off to keep it clean. I added some felt pads on the bottom of the board so I won't have to worry about the wood scratching any table. Overall I'm pleased with the project. I hope it'll serve it's purpose well.

Here it is.

Now that I have some terrain making done, It's on to paint the Repenter, Revenger, and Avatar.

1 comment:

Clayton said...

I dig the board sir. I think it is well done!