Monday, August 17, 2009

Demo Game Board Take 3

Well, I'm almost finished the board. All I have left is to do is tidey up the road a bit and make it a little more authentic. I'm also going to take a staple gun to the extra felt on the sides and secure it into the wooden base. This should help the felt from coming up on the edges which is easy to do with a simple pull. I don't want this project going to waste with a simple error in transporting it and a side gets snagged and then the felt pops up.

Here's the board after I flocked it with some Woodlands green turf and earth. I tried to cover up all the bright green and make it look a little more real.

It should be officially finished by week's end but for now it'll do.

1 comment:

Barrett said...

Looking good. If I could make one critique, it would be that the road looks too defined. I'd probably rough up the edges a bit just so it doesn't look like it was cut through the sod.