Friday, April 10, 2009

Upon Further Review

Yes, I'm guilty of being a little bitter about the new MK II model rules and have groaned and griped a little. I've also expressed my discontent for a couple models in particular but lets take a look at the big picture. I got into this game because of the cool warjacks and now they're back and I'm complaining??? Seems kind of wrong doesn't it? Long story short, I'm really starting to get into the new rules and thinking of cool strategies to use with certain models. Heck, I might even pick up another Crusader. I can only imagine 2 or 3 of them in a Amon army now.

With that said, I'm anxious to start play testing. CptCalvinus and I, are going to be playing our first game tonight and I'm looking forward to it. The one thing that I'm not looking forward to is.... my wallet burning up due to all the new jack purchases.


Barrett Young said...

Glad you've scaled back a little bit. I think this is still the game we love, we just need to adjust. You're right about the hurting wallet though. I have never been this motivated to purchase (and actually paint) jacks! I just bought the THead and a Jr last night. I'll have them by our next game.

I was considering picking up 2 Defenders instead, but I realized I am going to buy the THead anyways, and I found him for $28 + 5 shipping on Ebay. My collection is going to be growing over the next few months.

Itchy (aka Jared) said...

I'm with you guys on this one. I have a somewhat limited gaming budget to work with and I have been retasking those dollars to go towards 'jacks now.

Priority #1 = Dervish
Priority #2 = Castigator
Priority #3 = Fire of Salvation

I'm going to need to take out a 2nd on the house.

bluecardinal said...

Man, you picked up the THead and Jr, that's sweet! Did you purchase them from the Warstore? I might miss seeing the Mangler as the proxy though. :)

I'm actually looking to pick up Sam MacHorne and the Devil Dogs. Go figure right, that way I can get use out of my merc warjacks that I have.

I can't really decide though, do I want another Heavy Menite Jack or a Merc Jack? Decisions decisions...

bluecardinal said...

lol Jared, I remember checking out Dungeon Trader and at one point they had a Crusader for 50% off! Their shipping is a little expensive though.

The Castigator might end up being Menoth's best heavy when all is said and done. Great against other heavies and great against troops. The Avatar might have something to say about it.

I'm thinking my next purchase is going to be a Reckoner but I'm really not sure. I really like the Nomad. Bah, I can't decide.

Barrett Young said...

I got them both off Ebay. I got the Jr. from that seller I've told you about (free S&H), but I got the THead for $5 cheaper from a regular seller.

You'll still get to see the Mangler. No worries. He'll be both proxying AND (now) assisting my Cygnar in any 2 caster games we play. Yes, he's no longer Magnus' jack. I'll probably be picking up Dirty Meg for Marshalling him. Thresher is gonna kill some TFG.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky in that the Collector in me has had me buying 'jacks for some time now - had to have one of everything, donchaknow.

So, going into Mk II, my Menite jack stable consists of:

Fire of Salvation
Blessing of Vengeance
Crusader x2
Vanquisher x2
Reckoner x2
Revenger x2
Devout x2

Since Mk II's release, I've picked up a second Repenter, I've got a line on a second Casti and Redeemer...