Monday, April 6, 2009

MK II Initial Reaction - Menoth

Hmmmm.... Well its here and I must say that I'm a bit suprised at the point level of things but I won't go into that too much. Overall, I love the new rules for warjacks and their systems. It seems like they're going to have a much bigger presence in this ruleset. With that said, I'm going to look at some of my favorite things from Menoth.

First up the High Reclaimer

I first looked at the High Reclaimer and thought he pretty muched stayed the same. His weapon got reach and they revamped his feat and it appears the troopers can activate normally during the turn.

Things I didn't care about for the HR, Sacrifical Lamb costing two points. With the HR being a infantry heavy caster, it seemed right to keep this at 1 focus. His WJ points could've been bumped a little.

Second up, The Guardian

Wel well, this one was a tough one to take. First off, the good. He keeps critical pitch but it now deviates since its a throw and not double handed throw. His full damage grid is still in tact, which is great. Also, his open hand's pow is increased by 3.

Now the bad, he no longer rallies troops with his banners. This isn't all that bad but it was nice when my Cleansers started blowing up. Critical pitch deviates now.... I'm so sad on this one, I know I put it in the plus category but this was a favorite of mine. Being able to throw things and not have them deviate was great. The last thing he lost is Ward of Retribution. Granted, I didn't use this one much but it did come in handy. Hopefully it was just a typo and they forgot to include it. He's also 9 points in the new MK II rules and only time will tell if this is a big deal.

Third Up, The Choir

With jacks getting a boost it only made sense that they would lose some of their abilities. Unfortunately, the range of their chants is now limited to 3" but their speed got a increase. Each member can effect one warjack and it's going to change the way you played them before. Coincedentaly, you don't have to worry about losing your priest and the whole unit becoming fodder.

Fourth Up, Rhoven and his Bodyguards

Uh....I don't know what to say. The two bodyguards lost their health a little, no more huge armor buff for the whole unit being in B2B with each other but everyone gets one more point of armor. Battle Driven seems a bit strange, I think they'll die if they get damage and won't really benifit too much from this but only time will tell.


These guys are fearless and Rhoven's command got bumped up 1 and his MAT bumped up two. I'm thinking of using the two Honor Guards with other units. With the ability to be 10" away and still in formation, this allows for some interesting possibilities.

That's my initial thoughts and I'll have to take a look back after all the smoke has cleared.

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