Monday, April 20, 2009

Crusader Redo

With my Hierophant painted, Reznik now stands as my last warcaster to paint. I only have four of them(Reznik, Amon, High Reclaimer, and Kreoss) and I'm taking a break from Reznik to redo my original battlebox warjacks. The format is going to be "Before and After". Basically, it'll be a chance to show some improvements of my painting skills. I don't consider myself a great painter by any means, more so, this is a chance to encourage people to keep at it. The difference in a couple of years is pretty amazing.

The Crusader is first up on the chopping block and it's a good time to experiment with new painting techniques. Seeing how this model was purchased some two years ago, I won't be upset if things go badly. I'll be giving him a battle worn look and possibly entering him in the most recent No Quarter painting challenge. There's a nice article on how to use "Chalks Washes and Oil Paints" from Quixotic's blog, and I plan on trying out the oil paints for a good weathering effect.

Here is the current state of my Crusader.

As you can see, it really doesn't match my current scheme, save the same gory red being used. The big difference is the model was primed with white and I found out quickly, I can't paint white very well.

By weeks end, I should have the model stripped, primed, and ready to paint.

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sourkrautmonk said...

Ultramarine blue and Burnt umber.