Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mr. Details

I just finished my Hierophant a couple of nights ago and the little bugger has a lot of detail. So much so, I'm going to hold off on painting Rhoven and his boys. This guy took longer to paint then some of my warjacks if you can believe it. His base got some red paint on it and my touch up work was a little sloppy. This was my first attempt at wet blending as well and it was a little tricky at first, but not too bad.

The photos are a little dark because I took them just before sunset. You can see my beloved white cat in the background. There's nothing like a deaf white wonder...

My painting vow has now changed, I'm going to strip my Crusader, Repenter, and Revenger. Then I'm going to paint my Crusader. I'm tempted to enter the No Quarter challenge for battle damage as I have some ideas on how to make him look battle worn.

C & C welcome.

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