Friday, April 24, 2009

Escalating to a 35 PC Game

We sat down Tuesday night to continue our MK II escalation campaign and raised the encounter level to 35 points. I would say that this would be the close equivalent to a 500 point game in the old point level and it allowed us to add a couple new models to our respective armies.

bluecardinal's army

High Reclaimer

TFG maximum w/ UA
Rhoven & Honor Guard
Deliverers for Cleansers

CptCalvinus' army

Journeyman WC
*Hunter - played by a Talon
Squire - played by Nemo
Long Gunners decreased to a minimal unit
GMCA x 2 - one played by Caine
Stormsmiths x3

Unfortunately, we didn't take notes so this battle report won't be as descriptive as past ones. CptCalvinus wins the opening roll and decides to go second. Here is the current lay of the land with my Avatar on the right flank with the Paladin right next to him.

Round 1

Avatar gets 3 focus, activates Menoth's gaze and runs, the Paladin follows suit. One focus to the Crusader and he runs up. Everyone else runs up and then the HR decides to smoke it up....

CptCalvinus gives snipe to one of the GMCA, casts blur on the Centurion, Centurion and Lancer run up. The Hunter gets one focus from Jr. and takes a pop shot at the Avatar doing 4 damage to the right arm. Jr. puts arcane shield on Stryker and the stormsmiths advance looking to triangulate some peeps.

Round 2

For some reason or another, my TFG extend out of the HR's control area so the smoke only conceals them and doesn't block LOS. Deliverers, Crusader, and Rhoven move up. The HR moves up and throws some smoke. The Avatar gets 2 focus, activates Menoth's Gaze and runs close to the Centurion. The Paladin goes into Stone and Mortar stance behind the Avatar.

The El' Capitan upkeeps arcane shield, blur, and snipe. One GMCA takes Gorman to one health while one Stormsmith finishes the deal. A second Stormsmith disrupts the Crusader, the Hunter and Jr take some pop shots at the Avatar, doing more damage and the Centurion puts a serious dent in him. A flanking Stormsmith tries to run away but we remember Menoth's gaze and he fails to damage the Paladin with storm call. The Long Gunners stay put, forfeiting their movement to cancel out the concealed TFG. This wasn't good and they took out 5 TFG in the smoke. The Lancer moved up and Stryker started worrying that his little army of puny men would be crushed, so he feated. (awful joke I know)

Round 3

The remaining TFG charge the Lancer and do a little damage. Avatar rolls 2 for focus... sigh and does little damage to the Centurion but uses one focus for Menoth's gaze. I didn't want his GMCA flanking my HR. Rhoven and his two honor guards charge the Centurion and scratch his paint, better yet, they buffed his paint job and stared wonderfully at it. The HR gets 5 extra focus from the TFG getting picked a part and moves up to cast some spells. I miss the journeyman on 5 dice and I don't think it would've mattered. Some more smoke rolls into the playing mix and I think I have the Hunter's LOS blocked by smoke..... Deliverers move up and take out the one Stormsmith flanking my right with a Rocket Volley. The Paladin charges the Stormsmith on my right flank and does a bit of overkill. The Crusader walks up a bit, pondering the little things in life.

He upkeeps Arcane Shield, gives 3 focus to the Centurion and starts to decimate my army. The GMCA puts some damage on Rhoven's Honorguard, the Hunter is sitting in the smoke, so he has LOS to the Avatar. A big doh! on my part. He puts some really good damage on him and the Avatar is left with 4 boxes. The Centurion takes out Rhoven and his two Honor Guard and with his remaining focus, destroys the Avatar. The GMCA on my right takes out the Paladin and the other one shoots at the Crusader, doing minimal damage. I'm not sure what the Long Gunners did at this point. The remaining Stormsmith fails his skill check so no disrupting my Crusader. Stryker moves up and casts Arcane Blast on some TFG but misses... The Lancer misses his attacks on the TFG.

Round 4

HR gets 3 extra focus and things are looking pretty bleak for me but I try to rally my troops, unfortuantely, the HR doesn't know how to do that... The Crusader gets 3 focus and charges the Centurion, doing some ok damage and boxing the left arm. The Hierophant moves up and uses Harmonious Exhaltation and the HR moves up, casts Ashes to Ashes on the Journey again, boosted the hit roll, and missed again. The last focus is used to put a smoke right in front of him, something totally desperate but kind of funny in a ninja way. He then uses his feat and brings back 4 TFG, including the Officer, and they do some pretty decent damage to the Lancer. Deliverers move up and take out 3 Long Gunners and they pass the command check. HR prepares for the worst.

He doesn't upkeep anything and gives 2 or 3 on the Centurion. The Centurion beats down on the Crusader but doesn't box it. The one GMCA puts some good damage on the HR, the Journeyman charges the HR, passes his command check, and puts some good damage on the HR, leaving him with 2 life left. Stryker moves up and shoots the Crusader and disrupts it, casts arcane blast on the HR and missed...The Lancer didn't do anything because he didn't want to give me any souls. Smart move on his part.

Round 5

There's no soul tokens so I'm stuck with 5 focus and the Crusader is disrupted. What to do, what to do. The TFG disengage from the Lancer and try to walk over to Stryker for the CMA, ranked attack. All of them die save for the Officer and Standard Bearer. Oddly enough, the Officer hits with his attack and sets Stryker on fire but didn't do any damage. The Hierophant decides to charge the Journeyman, its a good joke I know, he whiffs. I cast immolation on the Journeyman, boosted to hit and got the hit. It was dice -2 and I couldn't afford to boost damage so it was only two dice. Thankfully, I got enough damage to box the Journyman. I measured my control area and Stryker was in range for a charge, even over the wreck marker. I'm not sure if CptCalvinus saw this one coming but it was my only shot. HR charges and needs a 10 to hit and rolls a 5, 3, and 2. He hits and Stryker takes 12 damage. I roll for one last attack and miss the attack roll.

It's his turn and I'm hoping badly that fire doesn't go out. This was the only way I was going to win it by seeing Stryker go down in flames. He rolls the dice and looky there, a 2. He wants Stryker to end the game, and I can't blame him. Stryker, for one reason or another, hasn't performed up to his task for him. He boosts his first attack, hits, and seals the deal. Finally a win for Stryker.

Post Game Analysis

I for one, am lacking a arc node and it really hurt in this game. I thought I could get a way with it but in the end, it was my downfall. His solos really shined for him and with me not being able to get to them, put me in a bad spot.

The Avatar is really good in MK II. There was no real support piece for him and he was still able to survie a couple of rounds of heavy fire and hitting. I'm thinking a vassal can follow him around and that extra attack would pay off. I was able to pull some focus off the wracks (didn't mention it in the report) but they ended up getting in the way. The Deliverers were a lot more accurate and I'll have to get them on the front line right away next time.

For CptCalvinus, he had a well balanced army. The solos alone, were enough to cause my army some serious problems. It wasn't reported at all, but he was able to use the Squire's reserve accumulator all 3 times. Both GMCAs excelled and I wonder if we'll see a new sculpt down the line? The Hunter didn't move the whole game but was able to wreck havock on my Avatar. Stryker's feat is still really fun to deal with. :)

Until next time....

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