Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home Brew Terrain

I don't know about you guys but have you seen the price of terrain lately? I went into my LGS and they had these nice little sandbags for sale and they cost 20 bucks! Don't get me wrong, I like nice looking terrain and have thought about buying some but I'll stick to the home made walls and stuff. It's a little more affordable for us gaming geeks.

Then again, they're running a 20% everything in the store sale this Saturday so I might be picking up some to go on my desert terrain board. If anyone knows how to make sand bag walls, let me know.

Here's a nice ( I like to think it's nice ) blue wall I made. The concept was taken from No Quarter #16. If you don't have that issue, I highly recommend it for building good, cheap terrain.

Instead of using the pink insulation foam, I used two pieces of cork board and fitted them in a foamcore base. After that, I added some kitty litter to the front and then primed it black. The stone is Vallejo Sombre Grey. I currently only have two of these pieces as my terrain making goes in waves.

My next project is to finish two fairly large hills/cliffs to make a nice sand stone ravine. These should be finished in month or two, I'm thinking after I finish my Crusader.

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sourkrautmonk said...

Call me. I can tell you how to make that wall look better. If you want.