Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ranking Menoth Casters in MK II and Brainstorming

Ok, so there's a thread ongoing in the Menoth section on the big boards, about who is going to be the best caster in a competitive tournament setting. Now, I don't play in a lot of tournaments and for the most part, I'm a casual player so take this into consideration when I rank them.

Tier 1

High Reclaimer

Tier 2


As you can see, I think all of the Menoth casters are more than capable of doing their job. The only reason the Harbinger is Tier 2 is because of the immensity of putting together the model. It might take someone longer to do this and cut back on playing time.

When people see caster rankings it sometimes sways an individual to not even try to play a caster. That's why I have everyone at Tier 1 save the Harbinger, which is just a joke. It's a good way to encourage people to try out all the faction casters and increase your gaming skills.

Let's not think of reasons why one caster is the top dog but try to come up with new strategies for them instead. It will help broaden your knowledge of models and help come up with the not so obvious combos. In the end, it'll be more rewarding for you as a player. That's my 2 focus for the day.


Barrett said...

I'm with you Phill. I appreciate the humor on the Harbinger, but we're on the same page regarding ranking casters. It's funny that everyone whines about the eVlad lists, but in reality, want to do the same thing with their faction. People who tailor lists specifically to win tournaments, without regard to playability or fun factor are annoying. Play the models you like.

bluecardinal said...

That's a good point about people complaining about eVlad and then taking their best faction caster, all of the time.

The more and more I think about it, I'm much more a casual gamer rather than a tournament player. I like sitting back and playing a nice long game and enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I think they only casters that may be "sub" tier 1 are the Reclaimer and Testament, and that's only because they play so differently. They rely on losing troops to enemy attacks, and any time when you're relying on your foe to make you awesome, there's the potential for mediocrity.

That said, they can be awesome - but they play a different game than the rest.