Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fully Painted

I just finished repainting my Revenger and it got me thinking, will I ever have a fully painted army? Probably not, but the best I can hope for is to have a 50 point army painted to a nice table top standard. Sometimes I look at all the models I have that are unpainted and get a bit overwhelmed. Then I have to realize, I play this game for the fun of it and it shouldn't be a chore or something I'm a slave to, rather than, a fun laid back hobby.

As of now, I have 52 Menoth models and 23 of them are completed painted. As for my Mercs, I have 12 models and only 3 are painted. At this rate, I'll have all my models painted by 2011. I've considered dipping my Menoth but I want to keep a consistent look to my army. Dipping half way is not an option for me but could be for my Mercs.

This gets me to thinking, I'm tempted to trade my Mercs away and finish collecting Menoth. For me, Menoth has enough variety in casters that makes playing them fun and not stale. Another thing to consider is playing time, I get to play maybe once or twice a month and this lets me play a caster a couple times and then move onto someone else. If I were to play weekly or bi-weekly, then I would consider keeping my Mercs.

It's nice to have options but I think I want to have a nice big army with more options rather than two mid size ones that I would switch back and forth on. I actually got to play my Mercs this past weekend and while they were fun, they weren't Menoth. I missed my faithful soldiers.... how sad.


Barrett said...

Just think how I feel! I've painted one model. Your army in comparison puts me to shame. And I just keep buying.

Someday, we will play more often. I wouldn't recommend selling your pirates/mercs, but I would recommend not buying for them for a while. Having 4 factions now, I realize I may never get to the point where I play them regularly. For me, Everblight and the Dwarves are armies I'd be content to just collect and paint, even if I only play them once or twice a year. Cygnar will always be my favorite and I have so many tactics yet unexplored. So collect other factions because you like the theme/paint scheme possibilities.

But seriously, someday (in the hopefully near future) we will be back to at least a game a week. It's hurting not to play, and I think it kills my motivation to paint. Every time we play, and I see my grays next to your army, I feel more willing to paint.

Barrett said...

Okay, so I'm a hypocrite... After just telling you not to trade away your mercs, I'm looking into trading in Gorten for more Cygnar/Legion.

I still love the Dwarves, but collecting and painting, with no intention of playing, requires time and money I don't have. When I do get to the point of wanting to focus on Searforge, I can always start again.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, Barrett. I sold my Searforge to get the funds to invest in Retribution.

I loved Searforge, I cut my WM teeth on them, but with only two warcasters there just wasn't enough variety to tempt me to keep them when angry elves were just around the corner.