Friday, November 20, 2009

New Cygnar Light, the Firefly

The forums are down for the weekend (what kind of sneakiness is PP up to?), but I gotta talk about this little guy. I just thought I'd check the front page in case anything new came up, and saw this

"The light warjacks commissioned by the Cygnaran Armory set the standard by which all light ’jacks are judged. The original Charger chassis has proven an excellent platform for versatile and deadly machines. The Firefly is the most recent variant of the Charger chassis and possesses cutting-edge electro-mechanika capable of frying opponents to a crisp."

As far as I can tell, no one was expecting Cygnar to get anymore jacks in MkII. I didn't see a leak anywhere, which is odd. But I'm overall very happy and excited about this jack.

First off, it will have reach. It has a spear and has to. We have no need for a light with a ranged weapon and .5" melee. Second, I think it is going to be a spray weapon, though it's description makes it sound like it may have some kind of melta-esque feature. I think Spray, Phill thinks Assault. Both are viable.

I think this jack cannot be more than 5 points. The Charger and Sentinel are both 4. If it costs 6, you'd just take a Lancer. He has reach and, when not engaged, will be an arc-node. So this thing needs to be 5 pts, if not 4. I'm most excited about this Jack because it looks like the Swordknights now have their auto-include. The Centurion is too expensive to be marshalled and too slow to be an effective escort. Marshalling (or even just getting into melee with) the Lancer is overcosted due to the arc node. So now, the SKs will have a melee 2" jack that is cheap enough for marshalling. Very exciting, because I love the Swordknights.

Judging from the look, it is clearly a new mold, which makes me wonder if this is Cygnar's first plastic light jack. No indication shows that it is a 3-in-1 kit, but it could be possible.

The only complaints I have are about the shoulders and the name. The shoulders are comicly round! I mean seriously, this isn't the '90s. Stuffed shoulder pads, on a jack?!? lol. I may have to buy the weapons and head and throw them onto a Charger chassis (since that is what this is supposed to be). But there is very little similarity here.

And what's with the name? We've got Ironclad, Defender, Centurion, Hammersmith, Stormclad, Charger, Sentinel, Lancer, Hunter, Grenadier, Thunderhead... and Firefly! This jack gets beat up a lot, from both sides. I think I'm gonna have to check out PP's parts store and get some suitable wings. Fairy wings.

Joking aside, I am looking forward to this jack. I'll gladly take two of them, and can't wait to find out its price and release date!


admanb said...

I'm really hoping for a strong melee weapon, a weak ranged weapon, and a low point cost. Something I can buy a bunch of and marshal.

Anonymous said...

I see you guys finally joined IABN. I am waiting to see what other jack options the factions will get, but I am REALLY wanting to see Hordes stuff :D