Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So with the Hordes Field Test only 3 weeks away, I lucked out on Bartertown and picked up the Battleboxes for both Circle and Legion, along with Rhyas (Legion lock) and a Seraph (Legion light warbeast), along with a huge Cygnar lot. While Phill and I rarely get enough time to play our main faction as it is, we are going to be making a conscious effort to try out the four Hordes factions during the Field test.

I already know I will be going with Legion. I picked up the Circle battlebox for my wife, who likes the furry creatures and wants to try painting them. Since she will not likely play with them, I'll have a small Circle force on the side that should end up seeing as much playtime as my Searforge army (Wait?! You collect Searforge too? See... In other words: No playtime)

I'm not sure what direction Phill is leaning in Hordes, but we'll be switching through all four factions' battleboxes, proxying Trolls and Skorne, and figuring out the Fury mechanic.

I'm looking forward to this. We're planning on a paint-and-play escalation campaign in 2010. Playing the Hordes FT in between games may give me the extra weeks I need to get my army painted. Phill (the wiser) already is nearly finished. Barrett (the buyer/postponer) is still resting on his accomplishments of 1 painted Centurion (out of 3), from a year ago. Oh yeah!


bluecardinal said...

I'm looking forward to Hordes MK II to really help out the Hordes players. It seems that some of them are in limbo and don't want their favorite model beat down with the nerf bat.

I'll definitely play some battlebox games and it might help if we play a mix of warmachine vs hordes. That way, we can see how things match up.

I do have a nice High Reclaimer list that I want to try out vs a hordes army. You know you love playing against the High Reclaimer!!!

Barrett said...

Shouldn't be a problem anymore. Eyeless sight, baby!

bluecardinal said...

Yeah, the clouds will now give them a -2 to attack rolls, something it didn't do before.