Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Basher

Privateer unveiled the new Rhulic warjack, Basher, for all of us to see. This little big guy is one unique and awesome jack. I'm in awe of the design aspect of it and it's coolness.

After seeing this new jack and all the new plastic ones, 2010 couldn't come soon enough. Bring on the new jacks and sculpts, next year is going to be fun.


Barrett said...

He definitely excites me. By the name, I was picturing a Rhulic jack on the Driller/Rockram chasis with two open fists, kind of like a dwarven Freebooter. He's really making me want to start buying Searforge models... and I would, if I didn't like Cygnar so much.

I've never actually played Gorten. I guess I should, just to see if they'd only be the themed army I don't like to use (just love to look at), or if he'd actually be fun.

Barrett said...

PS. Picked up Aiyanna and Holt. Say goodbye to Passage.

bluecardinal said...

Awh, you finally couldn't take safe passage anymore. That's ok, Aiyanna and Holt are a little pricey, add in some Long Gunners = more pricey.

I'm steadily working my way to a nice Menoth horde that you'll love to face. I have a new and improved High Reclaimer list that screams fun!!!

I put in a trade request on Bartertown for a Reckoner. I offered up a older Eldar Wraithlord for it. Hopefully, the guy will accept the trade.

Are we ever going to play a 2 caster battle? I think we should do a 80 point game with 2 casters, our second caster would have to be a Merc.