Thursday, December 3, 2009

In a Rut

Since the MK II final stat cards have been released, I've been creating lists for most of the casters I have. When doing so, I try to think about the models I have and then some models I don't have. This way, I can proxy the ones I don't have in a game and see if I should buy them.

The recent problem I've come up with is, I'm including the same models over and over again. For instance, the only Exemplar unit I have is Rhoven and I'm not sure he counts because his bodyguards are Exemplar. I rarely ever think about putting Exemplars in a list, save for Bastions. When I do put them in, its normally with Kreoss, Severius, or the High Reclaimer.

My normal list goes sort of like this, Caster, 1 Vanquisher (shocker I know), another heavy, possible Devout, and then choir, vassal, TFG w/ UA, and an assortment of solos. That's pretty much it. The caster I choose normally dictates the jacks I take with them, that's probably true for most players but its nice to mix it up some.

In writing this, I think I found out my problem. I need more units, specifically all the Exemplar ones, Idrians, Daughters, and possibly Croe's Cutthroats. This should give me more variety and a different play style than the one I'm use. Which is a slow methodical, Menoth brick, walking up the field waiting the lay the hurt.

The night before I know I'm going to play, I sit down and make 2 lists. This helps me and my opponent because normally I would do it right before the game. Sometimes it added another 15-20 minutes, just ask Barrett. This way, I know what models I need and it speeds up set up time considerably. There's a chance of me getting in a game this Saturday and if I do, I plan to try out this 50 pt Amon list. Its definitely a change of pace and hopefully it'll be a lot of fun to play.

Amon 50 pts
Choir - full unit
Idrians - full unit w/ UA
Croe's Cutthroats - min unit
Kell Bailoch


Barrett said...

This same thing was happening to me as well. That's why I've gone into a merc-buying frenzy. The forums have been frustrating because I'll ask questions like "Are Dirty Meg and a Talon a viable combo" and the reply always comes back, "No, just take the Black 13th and Stormblades." I'm glad there are some who like to play the same list every time, but I am glad Cygnar has so many mercs it can take to mix things up.

Good list. I like em jack-heavy.

bluecardinal said...

Yeah, the jist of what I was getting at is, my lists didn't have any variety. My actual problem now is model count, specifically units. I have to bunker down and buy some Knights Exemplar, Daughters, Idrians, and Bastions.

That's where my wallet is going to cry but over time, it shouldn't be bad.

Barrett said...

I don't think you'll have a hard time getting the older units, like Exemplar and Daughters, if you watch Bartertown and are ready to make a deal when one pops up. You could fill them out for 35-50%. You'll like have to pay 70% of retail for the newer stuff though.

Personal Jesus said...
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Darren said...

Not a bad 50pt list but I got me some Retribution that wants some of Amon...Bring it :-)?