Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They Have a Pulse!

Just to let our readers know that we haven't died, I'm gonna post on two things here, in a minute. Before that, I'll let everyone (all none of you) know where we're at. My table has sat in my shed for the past three weeks. I haven't done a thing to it. All it really needs at this stage is paint. I'll partially blame in on the stinkin' heat and bit of thunderstorms we've been having, but only partially. I have been painting a little bit and have only a couple more hours to put into my Lancer. I also recently picked up a Defender and two Chargers from Bartertown (Clayton @ Adventures in WM) and have prepped them for priming after de-painting them. Two weekends ago, I helped Phill out with a 2'x2' table for Mangled Metal games. We made a lot of progress on it and Phill is finishing up the painting on it. So we are still active. We've only been able to play every three weeks or so, and that is kinda sad, but we're still playing.

First thing: The Podthralls, after four years and 200 episodes, have quit. They cite MkII and family life changes as their reasons. I understand. They've had a long, great run and it would be painful to have to adjust their episodes to do a top-five MkII feats or detail the Skarre-bomb in MkII. And a Monday night commitment every week for four years is huge. So I'm glad they'll be able to spend more time with their families. As supportive as I am of their decision, I'm going to miss them. I've been catching up on the past episodes over the past year since I began listening and just finished. Between the games Phill and I infrequently play, the Podthralls kept my mind in the game in the meantime. When I couldn't play, I could listen. And I passed a LOT of time at work pretending I was playing instead.

So their presence will be missed. So far, I've listened to an episode of Boosted Damage and Focus and Fury, but both left me unsatisfied, for one reason or another. The other two, Iron Agenda and Guts-n-Gears, are a lot farther into their shows. At this point, I'll probably just start listening to THAC0. Yes, I'm that pathetic.

Second thing: Privateer Press has a "Secret" announcement for Warmachine on Friday, at Gencon. A lot of pixels have been spilled over what this is, and I'm more prone to thinking it is either a video game, novel, or a movie. What I'd love to see, however, is an early release of MkII. I'm tired of waiting for it and I'd love to see that production finished sooner than they thought it would. Phill and I haven't played a MkI game since the rules and cards released. We never had a desire. We've had a great time with MkII and we'd love to get on with it. If nothing else though, I'd like sneak-previews of the promised MkII jacks for each faction. So, not much for wild-speculation, just my thoughts on what I'd like to see.

I'm still looking forward to Grind...


bluecardinal said...

You know its bitter sweet about the Podthralls. They kept the game alive while we weren't playing.

I was reading an old No Quarter the other day and it had them in the back. They were on their 100th episode and counting.

I still have to finish listening to the 200th episode.

Barrett said...

I think what I liked about Fell Calls is that we both listened to it and were able to discuss it. I don't know if we're gonna be able to get that again. I still haven't listened to a BD episode, because the write-ups are all about tourneys. F&F is about lists. I'm really digging THACO and have found some really great looking board games from it, but it isn't IK.

Barrett said...

Confirmed, video game. Designed by Whitemoon dreams. Meh. I don't play video games, but I hope it'll be good quality. At least, enough to entice people to play the real game.