Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer and Break Time

Well not really, the weather in southern MD during the summer this year, has been exceptionally nice. Along with it comes more time outdoors with friends and family and less time at the painting table. My wife and I just bought some bikes and plan on enjoying some bike trails and the great outdoors.

This leads up to my break time, I'm not stepping away from playing Warmachine, just the painting aspect for a couple of weeks or so. I find myself going in phases where I'll really want to complete some warjacks and then a warcaster and I work hard to do it. Then, out of nowhere, I want to work on terrain. I guess it's because Barret has been working on his table that has inspired me to finish up a couple of wips I've had for a long time.

Specifically speaking, I have a desert terrain hill that looks sort of like a skate board ramp that's almost complete. The idea behind it was to have two of them face each other to make a valley or ravine. My inspiration came from the same article Barret is using for his table. You can see it here. I should have some time in the few weeks to finish it up and then work on other things, if the mood strikes me.

Here is the first stage of the hill.

The second stage after I used a dremel to carve it up and give it shape. Notice a little feline in the back, inspecting things. That's my painting buddy.

Here's a side view of it.

After the hills are completed, I'll probably try to make those tall rocky, desert pillars, not sure the name of them. And then after that, I'll probably finish my Repenter and Revenger, to complete my "Before and After" painting project. Who knows how long this will take but that's the fun thing about table top gaming, there's always something you can be working on.

Hopefully Barrett's table will be finished soon and we could possibly play a game outdoors. How bout that, play Warmachine and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

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Barrett said...

I think I've figured out what doesn't sit right with me on this hill. I think it is the perfectly rectangular base. If it isn't too late, I'd recommend cutting the base flush with the hill or at least rounding off the corners. I think this may help it look less ramp-ish.