Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demo Game Table

Two post in two days, amazing right? It's been a slow summer for me and painting miniatures, so I decided to spark my interest in making a table. Barret is doing one and it got me motivated to try one as well. Before I try my hands at a full size gaming board, I decided to try and make a demo board. Something you could play a quick mangled metal/tooth and claw game on. The original idea spawned from this thread at the PP boards.

My board won't be as in depth or as good looking as that one but I hope it will have good playability and decent aeshtetics. I bought a 2x2 board at Lowes and got some small pieces of trim for the boarder and foam for the center. Barrett pretty much made the board himself a couple of weeks ago with me rooting him on the whole time.

Here's the board after the felt had been glued on, notice the small hill in the top left corner. Barrett made that too.

Here's the board after I made the road and glued down the cliff and a big rock. I was trying to seat the rock in the ground at a angle. It looks a lot better in person and it should give some decent cover. The cliff on the other hand, might be a little too steep but it's nothing a dice won't be able to fix.

Finally, here's a couple of pictures after I glued down the final two large boulders to provide
cover for both sides. The rocks are pieces of pine bark and should look a lot better after I paint them.

I plan on painting it and flocking it in the next couple of days and should have it almost completed by Saturday. Here's hoping that comes true.

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