Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grind Speculation

Phill just pointed this out to me when I called to tell him about the new Retribution models on the front page.
(On that, the models are exciting me a lot more than the jacks did. I really like the warrior models for Retribution. Not going to collect though. Must save up to begin MkII with Skorne/Legion)

But I'm excited also by Grind. I never played the house rules version that was released in NQ10, but as someone who is trying to get as many people interested in playing PP games that wouldn't necessarily invest time in WM/H, Grind excites me. So here is my speculation of what PP will need to do to expand their current customer base.

1) These need to be fully-painted out of the box. The models are already in plastic, and PPS_Kevin revealed on TGN that they are close, but different, to WM in scale. With 32 interchangeable weapons, this will produce only frustration if they all need to be color coordinated between two teams. Fully painted jacks will allow people to start right away.

2) It needs to cost less than $60. I've seen some really wild speculation that this game will cost anywhere from $90-150, but I seriously doubt a price tag like that attracting anyone who isn't already playing PP's line of games. Even if priced at $60, if they scale is obviously different and the details on the model simple enough, those who would try to use these for WM would look like idiots. These cannot be priced comparatively to WM, even WM jacks done in plastic.

I'm looking forward to this game. I'm hoping to use it at game nights at our church and I want to get my wife playing it. I never did MonPoc, even though it has the two features I just speculated on, because I don't care for Godzilla/Alien warfare. But I like Steamjack sports, since it will be close enough to WM/H and the IK theme to perhaps garner interest in diving further in, but not as complicated to turn people away at the beginning.

Me and my wife play Infernal Contraption a lot. I'm looking forward to a game that gets even closer to the WM mechanic and feel, without the hobby aspects that I enjoy so much. Whatever this game will be, I'm sure it will be 100% PP, which means it will be quality.


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Talk to me about Infernal Contraption.

I have looked at it many times as something for me and my kids to do together. They are 11 and 8. Is that too young for Infernal Contraption?

I have looked at this game so many times but never knew anyone who actually plays it. I think it looks like a blast.

What are your thoughts?

Barrett Young said...

We like it. My wife loves the Gobbers and the game play is very simple. It would only take 1 game to understand the gameplay, but many games to figure out great ways to win. The point is to destroy your opponent's parts pile without overspending your own. It's got a combination of resource management with attrition.

You start with a core, and have 4 types of parts you can add, each type producing a different effect. One type runs a program, another multiplies effects, a third is a one-time use devastating effect, and the fourth is your power supplies. Each turn, you can build 1 part onto your machine for free. Then, you can build more at a cost of 1 card scrapped per card built. Then you turn on the machine and watch it work. Some programs (I can't remember the "official" names right now) add parts to your parts pile or hand, others attack the opposing machine, parts pile or hand.

For $20, I've gotten more than that in entertainment. I've never played with more than 2, but I'm sure it would make it more fun, not to mention more challenging. I don't have Sabotage either, but it allows you to build onto your opponent's machine.

P.S. It's most fun when you accompany your machine with appropriate sound effects.

Barrett Young said...

P.S. I don't think it is too young. I've taught it to a 10 year old before.