Monday, June 1, 2009

...Countered By A Heavier Dosage Of Lightning

Now that my time with Stryker has come to an end, I'm looking forward to testing out the MkII versions of my other casters, likely in this order: Nemo, Haley, Caine, then my newest, Siege. I don't have any of the epic versions of these yet, though eNemo would be very handy for what I'm planning.

I think the core of my army is going to continue to center around the THead and the Centurion. Not only are they the two heavies I own, but I think they'll work well together. I haven't Pulsed yet against the Cent, but I'm pretty confident I won't suffer much damage from it most often. And whenever the THead is on the board, you'll likely see Arlan. He's quickly becoming a favorite solo. He gives me options, like the GMCA. The JW, the Stormsmiths, and even the Squire do one thing (very well), but I like the variety of these other two solos.

My List:
- Squire
- Cent
- THead
Arlan Strangeways
GMCA x 2 (I don't think I'll ever take just 1 again!)
Stormsmiths x 3
Long Gunners Min
and, drumroll please... Field Mechanics.

Yes, I said Mechanics. I have never (in MkI) been interested in this unit. But with the Gobbers' Bodge ability, and the increased effectiveness of Jacks till they're wrecked, I'm gonna try these out to see if they'll lend Arlan a hand. He's a great mechanic, but he can only repair once a turn, and he has two other skills I want to use. So I think a mechanic and three bodgers running around will work wonders, especially for the Centurion.

So, the goal is to chain lightning and CRA and ePulse the infantry, giving 5 focus to the Cent to wreck jacks, while keeping Feora wary of the GMCAs and Stormsmiths. I could potentially drop the Squire and the Mechanics/1 Stormsmith to take the JW for the focus generation, but, like I said, variety.


bluecardinal said...

Are you planning on playing this list in our next game? If not, we'll have to play our two lists against each other and see who has the better elemental powers...

When are you going to get a melee unit? Its been a while since you've proxied one.

Barrett Young said...

Yeah, I'm playing this list. Dunno about the melee unit though. Jacks are much more fun!

Seriously, MkII broke me! I don't know why I never thought like this about jacks before.

Barrett Young said...

BTW, in a related post to the Molten Metal update, Nemo has a new ability. It wasn't on the cards, but you'll find it on the FAQ on the PP forums. It is called "1.21 gigawatts". It reads as follows:

"Nemo may forfeit his action to activate ability. When activated, friendly faction warjacks gain the abilities 88 MPH (unlimited advance this turn) and Hey McFly, Your Shoe's Untied (non-friendly warjacks currently within 3" get knocked down)."

MkII Nemo rocks.