Monday, June 29, 2009

A Game of Re-Inforcements

Yesterday, the Smib Thralls (all two of us) sat down and tried out Re-Inforcements Incoming, the custom scenario in the last post. The game ended up being a real blast and once we started playing, it didn't take too long. There were a couple of rule conflicts that came into play and we're trying to iron them out.

Some things that came up were:
  • When the re-inforcements come into play, do you roll for continous effects on your 35 pt army?

  • Feats. We're still trying to iron out the details on these and the ones that have rules going into the other player's turn. Sorcha's feat comes to mind and we'll have to figure this out. It doesn't help that there's only two of us testing this out.

  • Upkeeping spells from your 35 PC army after they have missed a turn of action.
It's still a work in progress but I'm thinking that we can get these things figured out after talking about it some. I was thinking that the 3rd turn would be the "Re-Inforcement Round " and if a player activated a feat, it would end when he deployed his re-inforcements, that's if it lasted that long. Also, you would resolve any continous effect and upkeep any spell, when you activated your 35 PC army again. This is something I came to a conclusion of and I'll have to run it by CptCalvinus.

The match was Reznik, accompanied by Bart versus Siege, accompanied by Stryker. Here's one of my better rolls in the game, I arced Perdition through the Guardian, boosting to hit a GMCA. My roll failed and I decided to try again with my last two focus and no way to boost. Box Cars baby!!!

Bart and his entourage come on the battlefield and try desperately to make a difference.

Now its Stryker's turn to come on the field and be the difference maker. Too bad Reznik perished because both Stryker and Seige were on fire. Roasting swans is so much fun.

Siege's feat is a real bruiser against my army, here a Defender takes out Bart in one shot! I missed the subsequent tough roll.

We're definitely going to have to play this scenario again. It makes for a lot of different match ups and it adds a little bit of chance to the game. It might not be fair but its a lof of fun!

Barrett's thoughts:
I was really taking a gamble that Phill's 15pt army would deploy on my right side. By the time the third round started, my longgunners and the Defender were the only things able to hold onto my left flank. His TFG and the Guardian were held off on the right side, and were quickly joined by the Pirates. So, I did get lucky here. The kill for Reznik came from earthquaking Ol' Rowdy (with only 2 damage boxes open) with Reznik and 2 Jacks in the AOE. A knockeddown Reznik at half armor really made this too easy. I love the combo of Siege and Stryker's feats, though Siege and Haley would have cleaned up this board even faster.

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bluecardinal said...

We need to play this scenario in the future and add some different types of terrain. I want to complete my desert terrain and try it on that.