Monday, June 8, 2009

Kreoss vs Nemo, A 35 PC Game

This morning, CptCalvinus and I played our first match of a series of 35 PC games with our remaining casters. We decided on 35 PC because it's just enough models for a good game and both of us play pretty slowly. Unfortunately, this match still took a while to play. I'm not sure if its set up time or what but we probably need to start enforcing a time limit on turns.

CptCalvinus' Army
Squire - proxied by a Mangler Shoulder
Arlan Strangeways - proxied by Siege
Field Mechanics - proxied by Long Gunners
Stormsmiths x 2
GMCA x 2

bluecardinal's army
*Revenger - proxied by a Devout
*Vanquisher - proxied by a Mariner
Choir full unit
Bastions full unit - proxied by 3 jacks, Reznik, Bosun
Orin Midwinter - proxied by a Reclaimer
Herne and Jonne - proxied by a Gunbunny and Dougal McNaile

I'll post the highlights of each round and try to keep the battle report rather short. Here's the layout of the battleground at the start of the match. CptCalvinus won the opening roll and elected to go second.

First Round

The Crusader, Revenger, and Vanquisher all run. Kreoss puts Protection of Menoth on the Bastions and casts Lamentation. The Bastions run, Ruphert sings Dirge of Mists, and Choir sings hym of Passage.

Journeyman puts Arcane Shield on Nemo, Nemo puts Disruption Field on the Centurion and Electrify on the Thunderhead. Everyone else advances.

Second Round

Vanquisher gets 2 focus and shoots at the Centurion, boosts to hit and damage. It does 5 damage if I recall, the AOE clips 2 mechanics and a Stormsmith, taking all three out. The Bastions advance in the middle and get Heroic Call. Orin runs to the middle to avoid the GMCAs on the left flank. Choir sings hymn of passage and Vassal puts enliven on the Revenger.

Herne and Jonne wiff at the two GMCAs on the left.

Fire stays on the Centurion and actually damages him for 2. The Squire gives 1 focus to Nemo. The Thunderhead gets 3 Focus, moves up and does his special pulse. He boost the hit and gets all my jacks and Bastions in it. This does minimal damage to the Bastions. It also hits my Jacks and we both wonder if they can be hit by it with Hymn of Passage up and we play that you can. This does minimal damage to them. I forgot totally about enliven. Arlan moves up and repairs the Centurion, removing 2 damage. Centurion gets 5 focus and charges the Bastions. Kills only one of them and another passes a tough roll.

The Charger gets 2 focus and takes some pop shots at the Bastions and does minimal damage. The two GMCAs take a shot Herne and Jonne and kill Jonne.

Third Round

All my jacks are disrupted so no focus for them. Orin runs back to within Melee range of a GMCA. Kreoss doesn't upkeep anything and moves up, pops his feat, knocking down the Thunderhead, Centurion, GMCA, Arlan, and Stormsmith. He gives Ignite to the Bastions. I totally forgot about this spell until mid game (more on this later). Bastions move up and take out the Thunderhead's cortex and right arm.

The Choir sings Battle Hymn and the Vanquisher shoots and kills Arlan. The Revenger moves up and hits the Centurion, doing little damage. The Crusader moves up and hits Centurion and does little damage with both weapons. The Vassal gives one more shot for the Crusader but the Crusader only does 3 damage to the Centurion.

Nemo upkeeps Disruption Field on the Centurion, Centurion gets 5 focus and wrecks the Crusader rather quickly and then takes out two more Bastions as they failed their tough roll. Thunderhead wiffs on the Bastions, Charger gets 3 focus and manages to put some damage on a focus camped Kreoss (he had 5 left over).

GMCA breaks free from Orin and Orin misses the free strike. He then shoots at the Vassal gets him to one life. The second GMCA hits Kreoss and does 4 damage with the extra die. The Stormsmith fails his skill check. Nemo moves forward and pops his feat. All my jacks are disrupted again and take a good bit of damage. He then casts Chain Lightning on the Vanquisher and kills the Vassal in the process.

Round Four

Lets see, all my jacks are disrupted again and I upkeep Ignite on the Bastions. The remaining two Bastions try to disable the Centurion but fail. The Choir sings Battle Hymn again and the Revenger moves into melee range with Nemo. I need a 7 to hit and I roll a six, I think. The Vanquisher moves into melee range with the Thunderhead and does almost enough to wreck him. At this point, the Thunderhead has about 3 boxes left.

Orin moves up and casts Arc Lightining onto the Journeyman and almost takes him out. I forgot Nemo was immune to Lightning so this does nothing. Kreoss moves up and casts immolation on the Journeyman, and wipes him out. Kreoss then casts Protection of Menoth on himself.

The final hooray, Nemo has a whopping ten focus from the three spells that were cast in his control area the turn before. It was a no guts, no glory moment, and CptCalvinus charged Nemo right into melee with Kreoss. He took a free strike from the Revenger that netted him 10 damage.

He boosted all the attack and damage rolls save for the first charge attack that was already boosted. The first attack hits and lands 10 damage to Kreoss. He needs 3 more damage to kill him with 9 focus remaining. With Protection of Menoth up, he then wiffs on his next two attacks bringing his focus count to 5. And then he wiffs on his remaining 3 attacks. It was terrible luck and looking back, I should've lost, big time.

Round Five

Kreoss boosts to hit and boosts damage on Nemo. Nemo falls...

Post Game Analysis

To get the post posted, I'll provide the colour commentary for both of us. First off, I should've had Ignite on the Crusader the whole time. I can't believe I forgot about that spell and should've looked over Kreoss card before starting the match. With Battle Hymn going he would've been hitting at PS 22 and the Centurion would've definitely crumbled. Second, I shouldn't have ever casted Lamentation. Nemo sits back and is likely not going to get in the mix and duke it out with someone. Plus, his one offensive spell is usually casted through an arc node and CptCalvinus wasn't running one.

Bastions are still great at soaking up damage and with Protection of Menoth, it only gets better. The next match they're going to take a break so I can try a new unit out. I'm giving up on Herne and Jonne, with a Vanquisher and Orin present, I already had enough crowd control. I'm thinking a Paladin would do just fine next match.

CptCalvinus had a good mix of solos and jacks in his list. He used his GMCAs to great effect in the game and they're a good flanking tandem of two. The Charger didn't really do too much because the Bastions just dispersed any damage done to them. Matter of fact, I'm suprised why he hasn't gone after my choir in the past two matches. I think a Lancer would do him well in a match like this.

Disruption was a real life saver for his jacks this game. After round two, my jacks were relying on the Vassal and Choir to give them any support at all. This ended up saving his Centurion from being wrecked. Clumping up his mechanics next to his Centurion was a bad thing with a 4" auto fire AOE in the game. This took out one of his stormsmiths that could've done damage to my choir.

edited for spelling...

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