Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heavy Dosage of Fire

Moving forward in our MK II campaign, CptCalvinus and I are going to be playing a series of 35 PC games with each of our remaining casters. This is going to give us a chance to try out some oldies but goodies and some new ones as well. Don't tell the Cpt. but I plan on picking up one epic Feora in the next week or two. And with her comes a heavy dosage of hunka hunka burning love. It will also roast me some swans. I love it already...

I've constructed a nice list that incorporates models I have and for the most part painted, save for eFeora.

Epic Feora 35 PC
*Guardian - bonded
Choir - maxed
TFG - maxed with UA
Cleansers - min

I might swap out the Cleansers for a couple more support pieces but I'm trying to stick to the whole fire theme. The basic strategy for this list to set things on fire. In all seriousness, I think I would have to play a rather aggressive style and try to get Feora in the mix. The Guardian would most likely get either Ignite or Escort. Both are great spells and I would have to decide when I see my opponents layout.

I'm torn on who I would give Escort to, all three are viable candidates for it but I'm leaning towards the Vanquisher. This way it would have a 14' threat range and possibly longer with the Vassal. Just a FYI, I don't have a Reedemer and don't plan on picking one up soon.

I'm looking forward to trying out eFeora as one of my new warcasters because she brings a different playstyle than the other ones I've been using. Plus, her model is pretty awesome as well. I just have to buy her now.


Anonymous said...

You've got the TFG, you've got the Cleansers - you need the Daughters now!

bluecardinal said...

Yeah, I was thinking about them when I was making the list and will add them in when I go to 50 points.

Have you tried them out at all in MK II? I was thinking about picking them up or Idrians. I rather like the play style of Idrians now. Hopefully someone will ebay theirs in the future. :-)

Barrett Young said...

I forgot to tell you... in MkII, all my jacks got the Molten Metal upgrade on their armor. In the rules, pg 102, it is stated as follows:

"If friendly Faction warjack is disabled by a fire continuous effect or a range/melee weapon with the fire magic ability, instead of replacing warjack with a wreck marker, roll D6. On a roll of 1-5, warjack's systems melt together and form into hyper form of its previous state. In hyper form, bullets go through skin and do not damage, weapon systems regrow, and the only way to destroy warjack is a two handed throw into liquid metal refinery (must be represented on board)."

Sorry Phill. You got nerfed.