Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts on MK II

It has come about that Warmachine and Hordes is getting a revamped edition of their rules called MK II. First off, I haven't played the game long enough to see the power creep that a lot of the folks on the big forums are talking about over the years. Second, the local scene where I play is a jack friendly player base. There's some folks that like to tweak their list for sure but its not super competitive.

With that said, I like the ideas of warjacks only getting wrecked and not disabled. I would also like to see a minimum of 1" reach on all heavies and I don't know what I would do with the lights, as far as reach is concerned. There's some warjacks out there that should definitely have reach, at least 1' if not the full 2". Then there is some warcasters and infantry that have reach and it makes you scratch your head as to why they have it.

I'm also wondering what will happen to my favorite models/units. With the general buff going towards jacks, I imagine the choir is going to get a little nerf of some sorts. The Guardian is my favorite warjack and I hope he doesn't lose all his cool abilities, especially critical pitch. I could go on and on about the various Menoth models but I'll keep it to a minimum.

I'm excited about the change and remain optimistic about it. Its a lot of work and I hope that Privateer and the community can make a good step forward in the game. Here's hoping for a good MK II.


Barrett Young said...

I'm really looking forward to the change. Coming into the game as late as we have, we never really had to deal with buying a unit that lost its value. This will give us a chance to actually think about buying some of those Prime models that are worthless today (I'm looking at you, Mechanics).

Holy crap! Maybe now, I can get away with being a Cygnar player that hates Trenchers, and not guarantee a loss in a tournament?!?

I saw speculation on the Podthralls forum that all Heavies should get 2" reach and Thresher should be a power attack. That would be a great move. they could increase reach as base size increases: .5" for small, 1" for medium, 2" for large, then special models with Reach as usual.

Sure, my longgunners, Centurion, GMCA, Jr. and Haley's TB will likely get nerfed, but I'm looking forward to reconsidering Mechanics, the Charger and Sentinel, and the Rangers. I'm really hoping the Rangers will work! Such cool looking models, in my opinion.

Hopefully, PolarBear's saying of Play the Models You Want will actually be viable.

bluecardinal said...

Yeah, It's going to be interesting come April for sure. As someone pointed out on the big boards, its going to be a field test and not a real play test. I think we'll really get an idea of what things will be like come in a couple of months.

For me, no real unit became worthless and the only one that came close, is the Deliverers. I only use them with Kreoss these days and I don't use him too often.

I'm thinking you might want to by a Defender sometime soon. He just might be a stud come 2010.