Monday, February 9, 2009

Reznik survives....

Its that time to post my battle report from Saturday and I must say it was a grueling match. I ended up dropping the Deliverers and added a Paladin and Bosun Grogspar for a little more punch. Here was my final list:

Reznik 741/750 VPs: 28
Bosun Grogspar
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Full Choir
Flameguard Cleansers 6
Temple Flameguard full unit with UA

My opponents List

Stryker 739/750 VPs: 26
Stormsmith x3
Black 13th
Precursor Knights full unit with UA
Sword Knights 8 with UA
*Jack Marshaling a Iron Clad

I had changed my Deliverers out before we rolled for scenario and this helped out a lot because we ended up rolling "Mudslide" for the scenario. My opponent made up his list after we had rolled for scenario. I didn't mind because I wanted to see how well I played against a list specific for the scenario and how a run of the mill, fun list would do.

My opponent won the starting roll and opted to go first. He deployed his Sword Knights in the middle towards the right and the Precursor Knights in the middle to the left. The two Lancers were on both sides of the two units. His Ironclad was behind the one Lancer next to the Sword Knights. Stryker was behind both units with the Squire next to him.

Side note, I'm really going to have to come up with a nickname for the squire because I see him all the time now. Toaster might be a good one, considering I've managed to get him on fire the last couple games and that tends to destroy him/she/it....

The last of his army consisted of the Black 13th lining up on the far right with Gorman behind them. The remaining Stormsmiths lined up on the right and two on the left and Strangeways parked behind the Ironclad.

My army had the Castigator in the middle, Revenger to the right of him, Repenter to the left of the Castigator, and the Devout behind the Castigator, next to Reznik. I deployed the Flameguard to Reznik's right, Cleansers to his left, and Ruphert next to the Flameguard. Bosun was on the far right flank and the Paladin was behind the Cleansers.

The first turn pretty much everyone walked up or ran depending if they were going into shield wall. I do believe the Sword Knight guy tried to drive the Ironclad and failed his command check and had to hang back by the Jack. Some arcane shield was casted on the Precursor Knights (we both forgot they can't be targeted by spells).

My turn saw me running up all my jacks save for the Devout and Reznik casting Zealot's Rage on the Castigator. All of my infantry ran up as well and Ruphert sang Heroic Call for the fun of it. I was trying to get the Castigator to attack the Precursor Knights because I knew the Sword Knights would wreck him quick. What I didn't realize was the Storm Knights didn't have CMA or reach and could've used combustion on them.

His turn he moved up everyone and ran the Stormsmith on my far left up almost across the mudslide. He then cast earthquake on the flameguard and that triggered witch hound so the Castigator and Repenter moved forward. The rest of his army moved forward and was a brick wall right in front of the mudslide.

My turn saw me advance my guys up and the Repenter took a shot at the Precursor Knights but came up short. The Castigator ran forward again and the Revenger ran up as well. I tried to Brand the Precursor Knights and that's when we remembered they can't be targeted by spells. The Flameguard advanced ( should've ran ) with March from Ruphert and used Iron Zeal. They were at the begining of the Mudslide about to take on the Ironclad and the Black 13th were within firing range. Bosun moved up trying to get in melee range of the Black 13th to tie them up for a round. I totally forgot about the Stormsmith triangle ability and didn't bother with the one Stormsmith on my left flank. I thought he was going for my wrack.

It was his turn now and he showed me just what that triangle ability does. He managed to wipe out all of my Cleansers, which were going to be handgrenades, and killed my Paladin as well. I wasn't expecting this and it was really well played. He almost won the scenario with the one Stormsmith on my side of the board but my Castigator was barely on his side. His Black 13th shot and killed Bosun and he survived with one tough roll and then died to the other. Ryan managed to get off Mage Storm and it wiped out 4 of my Flameguard. Stryker moves up behind the Precursor Knights and Sword Knights, chills on 6 focus and pops his feat.

I was in desperate need of trying to get someone across the board to stop the win condition. I decided to not upkeep zealot's rage and Reznik gave two focus to the Castigator and kept the rest for himself. The Choir sang infuse and the Castigator went up threw the one Lancer over the Precursor knights onto the Squire. With Stryker's feat up, the throw didn't do much damage at all. The Repenter moved up and sprayed some Precursor Knights and was able to get the Lancer and Squire in it as well. He did two damage to the Squire and one to the Lancer. The Repentor sprayed at the Lancer and caught it and the Squire on fire but didn't do any damage. Reznik casted Zealot's on himsel, then Hate Monger, and managed to charge a Precursor Knight and kill it. I then popped my feat so the Lancers wouldn't do anything and this wasn't such a good move because my turn was basically over.

I was sitting with zero focus and Stryker behind some barbed wire. Thankfully, Reznik was engaged still in melee range with reach and helped out on his defense against ranged attacks. The fire managed to destroy the Squire but went out on the Lancer. He then swarmed Reznik with his Precursor Knights, popping their min feat and beat him up pretty good, getting him down to 7 wounds. He forgot about the push back ability and probably would've won the game due to it. The Sword Knights demolished the Revenger and the Black 13th moved in toward Reznik on his side of the board. Stryker chilled out and kept his 6 focus.

Reznik activated and kept all 6 focus and then disengaged with the Knights and went over towards Stryker. Stryker was less than 3 inches away but not in melee range and Reznik was in rough terrain, so no Zealot's rage. The free strikes did nothing with him camping focus and he walked over towards Stryker hanging back behind terrain that gave him some more defense. I cast Hate Monger, rolled a 1 for initial attacks, needed a 11 to hit, boosted hit and damage, hit and then did 6 damage. I used my last focus for a desperation attempt to kill and missed the melee roll.

Reznik survived due to a Devout taking out a Sword Knight with defensive strike and Stryker rolled really poorly on his damage hits against Reznik. Now Stryker was sitting on no focus in Melee range with Reznik. I casted Hate Monger and rolled another 1 for initial attacks but did 14 damage on the first hit. After that, I bought another attack, boosted, and then Stryker was wracked.

In the end, it was a great game and very fun. In the future, the battle reports won't be so long and I hope to add some pictures.

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