Thursday, February 19, 2009

Envy Time

Or should I say, the Cygnar list I always wanted to play. I want to thank the Podthralls for coming up with this idea and apologize for blatantly ripping it off. Since my main opponent, CptCalvinus, is a Cygnar player and four other people at my LGS play them as well, I thought I'd do my first envy post with Cygnar.

Basically, this is a Cygnar list that I would want to play some day. Being a Menoth player, you would think I woud have quite a disliking for Stryker but that isn't so. I really like his fluff in the storyline and his rules as a warcaster. Without further adieu....

Stryker 748/750 VPs: 25
*Ol Rowdy
Arlan Strangeways
Long Gunners full unit with UA

The basic strategy is having the two heavies up front with the Lancer and Stryker following, casting earthquake and other fun stuff. The Defender would be on one side of the heavies and the Long Gunners on the other. Have Stryker cast snipe on the Long Gunners for 7 first turn and then have the GMCA and Stormsmith go solo hunting. Strangeways will provide support to the heavies and might give the Defender that rare ability to make magic attacks with his gun. Really, I have no idea how this list would fair in competitive play but I picked models I really liked and that's all that matters.

One thing I noticed is the point cost and how much more Cygnar units cost than Menoth's. With Menoth, I can effectively put 2 Heavies and a light and then 2-3 more units fairly easily, rounded out with some solos. I couldn't bring myself to include the Black 13th, they're a bit too dirty when it comes to game play. I'll have to play this list one day when we CptCalvinus and I, decide to switch armies.


Barrett Young said...

Looks good. I would drop the Defender. I just don't like his cost for what he is. Even with the boosted attack and damage dice from the Jr after upkeeping AS, you're still only getting one shot. Seeing as how you'd be likely to play Menoth, and those little buggers like a lot of infantry, I'd drop the GMCA (Blasphemy!) and put the Thunderhead in under the JR. Now, you're getting three shots or a pulse that attacks everything within 8". Sweet...

Barrett Young said...

Dirty!? How is a POW 18 5" AOE that doesn't do blast damage dirty?!? Oh man! I got shivers as I realized what I just typed. I can't wait to pull that one off...

bluecardinal said...

About the Defender, I was thinking of sitting back and taking pop shots at flankers or anything else that came along. He has a pretty nice melee weapon for what its worth.

After looking back, I'm thinking I might need some melee units in there but was hoping that the Centurion and Ol' Rowdy could handle them. The Thunderhead might be worth a shot though but the GMCA is good a taking down those pesky solos and choir priests!