Thursday, February 4, 2010

TFG & Vassal

First off, to all the people attending Templecon, I'm jealous. I hope everyone has a good time and the tournaments go well. And if you're reading this at Templecon, what are you doing?!?! I wanted to attend this year but the timing wasn't right, house buying and stuff sort of got in the way. Next year, I'm definitely going to go.

Here's a couple of pictures of my TFG and Vassal. In the rush of painting the Vassal, I overlooked his ear. You can't tell from the pic but I need to go back and paint it. For whatever reason, I thought he only had hair to paint, silly me.

Here is a picture of my TFG. I just included all the different models since my photo set up isn't the best.

They're all complete except for the flame on the standard bearer's flag. I originally painted it light blue, trying to go for different flame look but it came out a little cartoonish, think Superman with the red and blue. I went back and painted it black and am debating on which colours to try. For now, its fine.

Here's my Vassal Pics

You can see his unpainted ear in the second picture . I'm going to finish painting it this weekend during the blizzard of 2010. I normally don't put up miniatures that aren't 100% complete but it's been a while since I've showed off any of my stuff and figured why not. Now I just need to work on a photo box.

Till next time...


oconlan said...

Nice work. The bases are very nice done. A well based army really brings cohesion to the final result.

If I had a Euro for every ear I've missed on the first painting pass I'd probably have about €10! For whatever reason they are not on my list of 'fleshy pieces'. Hands - check; arms - check; face - check; ear hidden behind helmet or hair - nope!


Darren said...

Look good, can't wait to shoot him in the face with Kara Sloan's Magelock Rifle. I'm sure she can help with the ear problem. LOL