Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Temple Con 2010...what a POW 20 blast.

So this past weekend was Temple Con. I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Glad I did, it was fun times and noodle salad. I got to reunite with a lot of my Press Gang brothers and sisters whom I meet at the PG Invitational last spring, on top of meeting a lot more of them. I got to meet some of the Warstore crew who all in all were a great bunch of guys. I learned how to play Malifaux which is a great skirmish game if you don't know about it. But over all I would say Temple Con was a great con.

Now during the time there I only managed to play three games of Warmachine ( due to helping out at the HQ desk for Eternal War ) First game I played a re-match against my PG buddy Ross aka Capt Caine on the PP forums. He plays Cygnar and I of course used my Retribution. We played on an awesome scenario table (wish I would of got pics ) basically he was the attacker and got to field 50 pts and I as the Defender got to field 35 pts. I know sounds unfair right...wrong the table looked like the beaches at Normandy with my army atop a huge hill and the only access to me was up a rocky path on either side or a tunnel which allowed small base models to come up through a access hatch right by the objective, which btw was for them to destroy a water tower. It was a great game, he of course won by caster kill.

My second game which was by far the best game I have ever played, and my dice couldn't of done me prouder. I got to play against David "DC" Carl who for those who don't know works for Privateer Press and is in charge of the playtesting and field testing and some development. We played a standard 35 pt game. He used Cygnar with the new Kara Sloan caster and me and my Retribution with Ravyn . I tell you the auto includes with Kara make her real nasty. Of course you take a Squire but everyones favorite little gobber is in full effect with her. Giving her two shots with that rifle or allowing her to roll more dice is just *shudders* ewwww. So we went round for round and it wasn't looking good for me...again. As the game went on I still had some of my Housegaurd Riflemen left and with snipe on them they were proving to be a real threat to him. So I managed for the killing blow to position Ravyn where she could catch my Riflemen in her control area and poped her feat while being in LOS of Kara and in range took my shot. I hit of course being it was boosted attack and then managed to do a significant amount of damage enough to drop her to 8 health from being untouched. So feeling good about my dice I declared a 5 man CRA against her with my Riflemen and finished the job. I consider that pulling the victory out of my arse. From what I understand playing against DC is not an easy task. It was a very fun game and I learned a lot playing against him, more so how to use Kara Sloan guess who is gonna field Cygnar again :-)?

My third game was against one of my best online friends and the creator of our wonderful banner for the blog. G'daybloke aka Chris Miller also know for his wonderful blogsite Lost Hemisphere, if you haven't been I highly recommend it. He has lots of pics and video of Temple Con up there. You will see me in a few pics and even in a video doing an Interview with Jack Coleman who is the Quarter Master of us Press Gangers. So my third game wasn't to great, 50 pts of Retribution on Retribution the table was awesome, the models looked great both mine and his, well more so his he is a great painter. The table was a canyon with frozen water in the middle and going across from one corner to the other was a train bridge. My objective was to destroy the bridges pillers in 6 turns. Sounds easy right...wrong. I managed to take out two of the three in 4 turns due to really bad damage rolls, my guys might of well been using a hammer and chisel to damage them with me rolling only three to four points each time. But I managed to concede defeat when all I had left was less than half of my Riflemen who were no way in hell gonna take on the rest of his army.

But all in all Temple-Con was great times for all. Next year the SoMD Bay Thralls need to be represented in full force, so start planing for it now guys :-)?

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bluecardinal said...

Dude, I'm so jealous. I'm definitely going to make it next year. Congrats on your win against DC, it would be awesome to play against someone from PP.