Thursday, December 31, 2009

All for Alzheimers Awareness

So first off let me introduce myself. My name is Darren and I am the local Press Ganger for the Southern Maryland area. I am known on the PP forums as Capsfan34, and most of the local gamers know me by tubbie, but I am no longer going by that name. So, after thinking long and hard for a color scheme for my new army The Retribution of Scyrah I thought of a good friend of mine's aka Devilsquid on the forums, idea about painting his Legion pink to spread awareness for Breast Cancer and his dedication to his mother who past away from it (R.I.P). So after thinking long and hard I decided to dedicate my army to my Grandmother who past away years ago from Alzheimers and to try and spread awareness of this horrible disease. So the Purple Pain is born and I one day hope to hold events to raise money to donate to Alzheimers research.

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bluecardinal said...

From what I can see and on previous posts on the PP forums, your army looks great. It should be fun playing against the elves.

Who is your caster of choice at the moment? You know any of them would look great on a wrack :)