Saturday, May 23, 2009

A battled Crusader

My first "Before and After" project is completed and I must say, I'm pretty satisfied with the end result. The Crusader, in my mind, is a really cool model so I was eager to re-paint him. This was my first time modeling and painting battle damage and I didn't realize how much small detail would incur during the paint job.

Here's his current incarnation.

Here's his old form.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enter him into the No Quarter challenge and didn't use any oils when painting him. I simply ran out of time and didn't want to rush the model. Next up on the painting block is the Repenter. He's not going to get battle damage but I did manage to pick up a pot of Mechrite Red, a GW foundation paint. Hopefully, this will cut back on some of my long painting sessions.

Til next time...

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Clayton said...

To be honest I prefer the old version. I don't know why exactly.