Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun painting

I bought my Devout at the same time as my Guardian. It wasn't my favorite looking warjack but it was the staple of the Menoth army so I thought, I ought to buy the thing. It seems I'm constantly looking for a different pose or some way to give my models a little more character. This guy was no different, I decided to check out Brushthralls to see what they had to offer. Low and behold, they had this nice little article on how to repose your Devout.

Long story short, I had him posed and primed for well over four months. My Crusader project was put on hold because I let CptCalvinus borrow my pin vice set and I needed something to paint. This guy was waiting in the wings and was really fun to paint. I can't really explain it but it just was. It might have been the combination of painting two warcasters and an attachment the past couple months, and my need to start painting warjacks again. None the less, I enjoyed painting him and will probably get another one in the future.

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