Saturday, March 21, 2009


I found out the hard way what a good scheme can turn out to be. It means various test figures and a lot of time, not wasted per say but time invested. Whenever I was reading through one of the No Quarter magazines that had the paint and play challenge, I remember one of the guys' entry about a consistent scheme. This got me thinking that, I myself, have a lot of models painted to a different scheme and based differently.

My first Warmachine model I ever painted was the Crusader. I like the simplicity of the jack and the front parts of it but I'm not a big fan of the steam furnace. Unlike the other factions, it seemed a little bland for my taste. But I digress, the point is, I primed all my models white thinking I was going to go with the traditional Menoth colors. I found out very quickly how hard it is to paint white good. After doing some searching online for some other Menoth paint schemes, I found a nice dark red that I thought I could do. Take in mind, the only other miniatures I painted before this were some Tau from GW. Here's a look at my first scheme for my Menoth.

My original white scheme that I ditched quickly. The flash really makes it hard to tell that there's a cream colour painted on it. You can also see the traditional Menoth base that I was trying to do.

Here's the same Crusader painted Vallejo Gory Red with GW Shining gold as the metal.

Now onto my Guardian that was primed with Black and painted with Gory Red, Cold Grey, and Brassy Brass. I used cork for the base and flocked it with Woodland Scenics fine turf green grass. The rocks are drybrushed with cold grey along with a little white mixed in.

You would think this would be my final scheme and the paint part is, just the base has changed in this last picture. Here's Kreoss with his base painted a little differently but flocked with the same green turf.

I really hope this is my final scheme or else I'll be wasting a lot more time figuring it out. The base is done by using the following:

1 layer of Tierra Earth
1 layer of Worn Wash - my own creation (4 parts brown Ink, 2 parts smokey Ink, 2 parts thinner, 2 parts water)
1 layer of GW Green Wash on rock part
1 Drybrush layer of 2 parts Tierra earth and 1 part white
1 Drybrush layer of 2 parts white and 1 part Tierra earth
Possible drybrush layer of 4 parts white and 1 part Tierra earth.

And with that, its time to do some more painting....

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