Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to the Bases

This past Saturday was the last week of the CTA league I was playing in. I ended up winning the Eliminator award and overall, the league was pretty fun. There was some pretty good scenarios along with some ok ones to say the least.

I played all my games with Reznik, except for the first one, and the big guy did alright. I tried to incorporate Cleansers in my list and I found they're a better second wave unit than first strike. I also really like Reznik's spell list, I find he doesn't have one bad spell, in my opinion.

One last thing to note, epic Kaya's threat range is pretty nasty. I found out the hard way when I played in my first 1000 point game against her and Krueger. The little hippie girl had Lightning Tendrils on her and managed to scrap Reznik sitting on 4 focus. Needless to say, I'll try to avoid that next time, if that's possible.

Here's a glimpse of my painting table and all my precious tools and paints. Its nothing to brag about but I like the simplicity in it. I have all my stuff at arms length and don't have anything really getting in the way. Although my wife's cat likes to sometimes taste the water cup, I haven't had any real disasters on it.

You'll see the current set of bases I'm working on for my future models. Yes I said future, with the upcoming release of the Bastions, I'm stoked to start working on them already. It takes me forever to complete a miniature and there's no better time then now to start on them. By the time June comes around, I should have all their bases completed.

Here's waiting for June and the infamous and awesome Plastions!

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