Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last week of CTA

This week is the last week of league play at my FLGS and I have to say it's been a fun ride. I had the chance to play against armies I don't regularly play against and I'm hoping the trend will continue. I'm out of the running for the total points award but can still capture the Eliminator award. I failed this past Saturday to up my score when I totally forgot about Brand of Heresy with Reznik. I know I know, how does one forgot a great spell like that but I am still learning to play the guy.

With the hopes of capturing the Eliminator award, I'm going to be playing as many 500 point games as I can with Reznik. I'm also going to be trading away some of my Tau from 40k for a Avatar and Reckoner. In the past, I was using the Castigator as a fill in for Zealot's Rage and it did ok. With Reznik's Perdition spell, I was able to charge the Black 13th last game and take them out with combustion. I'm hoping the Reckoner can make short work of a jack with Zealot's Rage and Brand of Heresy and then move on to another target.

I'll be using the following list this Saturday for my games.

Reznik 500/500 VPs:22
Choir of Menoth - 6
Vassal of Menoth
Cleansers - 6

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