Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Reclaimer

It turns out that I never thought once about using the High Reclaimer as a Menoth player. After a year and a half of playing and with Bastions on the way, I thought to myself "man, what a great time to pick up the High Reclaimer". Then I thought, I have a lot of canon fodder troops that would go well with him, Cleansers, Deliverers, and to a lesser extent, TFG.

This is the one of the cool play styles of Menoth, throw sub-par troops to their death and revive later on or just blow them up and then revive them. Either way works for me.

With the upcoming field test of MKII, CptCalvinus and I are going to run a escalation style campaign of Menoth vs Cynar. The format is similar to the Paint and Play campaign in No Quarter and Lost Hemisphere's Warmahordes challenge, but it differs in one way. We're going to play two games at every point level, using the old rules in the first game and the new rules in the second. I'm pretty certain a lot of other people are going to be doing this and I find its a great way to see some of the differences in the game.

With that being said, I finished painting my High Reclaimer and will be using him during the escalation campaign. I'll dive into why I'm using him and not my favorite monk later on...

I'm going to go back and add some badab black wash on his left forearm and touch up a few spots on the robe. In looking back, I should've used green stuff on a couple of places but I'm content with the results.

Here's the 350 list that he's leading in the MK II Escalation Campaign. First game will hopefully start this Tuesday using the current ruleset.

High Reclaimer 347/350 VPs: 15
Cleansers x 6
Temple Flameguard x8 with UA
Visgoth Rhoven and his Bodyguard
Gorman di Wulfe
Ruphert, Piper of Menoth

The basic strategy is to throw as much smoke as possible and hope I can get into melee pretty quick. I'm anxious to see if the new MK II rules will allow enough free points for a Devout or Revenger. Only time will tell.


Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Your painting skills are first rate.

As a novice (i.e. sucky) painter myself, I wonder if you might share with me what kind of primer you use and what color that primer is?

Barrett Young said...

The HR looked great Phill. He was a pain in the butt on Tuesday though. I see now why Jim hates effects that remove models from play.

You ever gonna play with Feora?

bluecardinal said...

Thank you Jared,

I use black primer on the model and for the paint, it's Vallejo Gory Red. It takes multiple layers to add it on and with this model, I tried the shading method.

For the robe, it was first covered with 3 parts Gory Red, 2 parts Vallejo Sick green, and 2 parts thinner. Then I simply added on some Gory Red to the highlighted parts and then mixed in a tad bit of pink. I always thin my paints down a little.

The trick is to use black primer otherwise the red will come out a lot lighter.

bluecardinal said...

Barrett, I would be more interested in using Epic Feora than normal Feora. She's more of a jack caster in her Epic form.