Monday, October 26, 2009

A little to do list

It's been a while since either Barrett or I posted anything so I thought I'd end the dry run. I'm currently working on removing some paint from some older miniatures, namely TFG, Cleanser, and a few solos.

About two years ago, I commissioned someone to paint 6 Temple Flame Guards and a Castigator. While the paint job was excellent, it doesn't match my current scheme. You might ask, why not copy the same scheme as the TFG and Castigator? Well, it just so happens that I tried to but didn't get it right the first time and I prefer the scheme I have now.

This brings me to my to do list, I have a full unit of TFG ready to be primed and painted. This is going to be my biggest infantry unit I've painted in Warmachine. The TFG are a nice basic unit without so much detail so I'm looking forward to painting them. I've read that it helps to paint them in small batches of 3-4.

Before I paint my TFG, I'm going to try and speed paint my Revenger. I'm not the biggest fan of the model, light warjacks in general don't fancy me, and in MK II, arcnodes aren't that necessary. At least for me they're not.

After the Revenger and TFG, I have 8 Cleansers to paint and I'll most likely make it a full 10 when all is said and done. I'm hoping to have the majority of my eFeora list ready by MKII release. It's a daunting task to paint so many models so hopefully I can get it done.

Did I mention I want to get Bastions and Daughters as well, along with my three epic casters, solos, mercs...... Yeah you get the idea, it's going to be a fun fall and winter full of painting madness. This Saturday I'm starting my to do list and only time what all will get done. If I manage to paint 50% of it, I'll consider it a success.


Barrett said...

"In MkII, arcnodes aren't that necessary."

Easy to say, when you have a heavy arcnode. If my Cyclone was an arcnode, I'd never take a Lancer either.

bluecardinal said...

I tend to bring the Hierophant and his ability to extend the warcaster's range by 2" is nice.

Your little squire just extends your control area by 2", want to trade?

Barrett said...

Heck yes! I'd take a -1 FOC spell every turn (not just three, if I remember to do it before the Activation Phase) over 2". But you also have more Aura effects than I do (at least in terms of game enders).

Barrett said...

I picked up Kraye and another Ironclad today on BTown. $24. I'll probably be picking up my second merc in a few days too... Reinholdt. Then, I'll have 2 warcaster auto-includes.

bluecardinal said...

I guess that means I'm going to have to save up and buy Feora and the Harbinger. I'm looking forward to Feora's new sculpt but getting the Harbinger, maybe in the year or five.

That model intimidates me and I don't see buying her anytime soon.

What kind of lists are you going to run with Kraye? I presume Trenchers? And when are you going to get a Grenadier to go with them? That's a cool jack.

Barrett said...

I haven't even thought of his possibilities yet. I just saw him for $11 on BTown (MSRP $26), so I figured I'd complete my non-epics. To be honest, I don't think I've looked at his card more than once.

One thing I do know. I will be trying to do a hat swap on this one...

bluecardinal said...

From what I read about Kraye, he's the new red-headed step child of Cygnar. I guess people are unloading him because of it.

Are you ever going to get Rangers? They look pretty cool but I'm not sure what role they play.

My next infantry unit is going to be Bastions or Daughters. I really can't decide but I do like that they're only a 5 and 6 person unit. Should be easier to paint.

Barrett said...

Yeah I like the Rangers. They are basically a walking Temporal Barrier. They give a +2 to attack rolls against nearby enemy models. The downside is that the target has to be within 5". We don't play with enough concealing terrain to let them benefit from Prowl, so they'd be easy for you to wipe out. I like them, but haven't figured out how to keep them alive.

Yeah, Kraye went from being our coolest to our most despised. Having never played him in MkI, I really can't see what he lost. He's got some cool spells I'd be able to make use of.